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[ xwereallstrangex ]

:: 2003 27 October :: 8.34 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

Salutations. Day 2 of the community. Any new members? Of course not. XD. I have to go whore this out at other communities. Anyone have an idea for a topic yet? ;x

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[ xwereallstrangex ]

:: 2003 26 October :: 9.00 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Medievil Videogame

Hellow from your moderator. Welcome to the community. WHOO! First post. Okay, right now I just need people to join. Join for whatever reason, cept child pornography. lol. Join, introduce yourself, and I'll work on whoring out the community and stuff. ^_^
A few things I need...

-an icon for the journal
-perhaps a banner
-a topic for this community

Right now the community's basically just random. It is kind of emily strange based, so if you like emily strange, JOIN NOW! Okay. This is getting long, but yes. Enjoy.

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