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:: 2004 10 November :: 6.49pm

Hour 46 of my fast. It feels great. I`ve drank coffee (no sugar) and one energy drink. I`ve gotten dizzy quite a few times, but never enough to bother me.

I got up & met my mom & some people she works with at huddle house for "breakfast." I had like, 5 cups of coffee. Then, I went to the eye doctor. They had to order my contacts `cause they didn`t have them in. I also got my hair colored & trimmed. I got to school at 12 & left again at 2. Had to run by the bank & then go get my nails done. They are gorgeous. =)

Went to Justin`s before he hadta go to work. I think I`m going to P&W`s tonight `cause no school tomorrow. Love y`all.

take my hand and watch the world go by


:: 2004 1 November :: 10.04pm

Okay, I`m not sure why I`m here, but I am.

Body image= down the drain.

& the only thing I know to do, is use control.
& I don`t wanna pull that shit again.
I don`t wanna go three days without eating a damn thing.
But, I simply have to.
& This will be where I write about that `cause no one really reads it & I can hopefully keep it..
I just can`t.. feel good about myself.
I`ve put on more than a few pounds.
I`m beginning to look like the average girl & I can`t do that.
So, starting tomorrow, 0NE meal.
& If I can, N0 meal.
My biggest problem will be Justin.
He WILL notice, without a doubt.
We eat 24/7 & that`s more than likely the reason for all of this.
So, I really don`t know what to tell him..
But, I cry when my pants are tight.




take my hand and watch the world go by


:: 2004 19 September :: 8.15pm

Hey y`aLL!! I just wanted to drop in `cause I came here to get something I had saved to a private entry & thought I might as weLL make one.. Mmm, anyways, how`s life treatin` ya? Mine is amazing; I`m honestLy happy & I`m loving it. I`m so thankfuL for my baby, my family, & Justin`s famiLy! I`m on top of the worLd right now & I reaLLy don`t wanna come down. Of course, I`m having quite a few BAD days because I`m just not one for schooL, so I just live for the weekends & then never want them to end! Uhhm, I`m deaLing with those bad days though & life is fab. I spend every waking & sLeeping moment possibLe with Justin. He`s stayed the night here a coupLe of times & the we stay the night other pLaces together too. He hasn`t had to work the past 3 Saturday`s & it`s been so great, but it starts back up this weekend. He work Wednesday through Sunday this week!! =l He has Monday & Tuesday off & I have games on b0TH of those days!! Yeah, voLLeybaLL is going fab too. I`m a starter & I pLay m0st aLL the time.. I`d actuaLLy like to come out a lot more than I do! Mm, yeah, weLL this was just a reaLLy quick update, but I`m gonna go. <3 &hearts

take my hand and watch the world go by

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