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:: 2010 7 September :: 2.50 pm
:: Music: Still Waters Run Deep - 69 Eyes

It smells like crisp Autumn air mixed with laundry, and it took my headache away for a minute.

It was a minute that seemed to last forever.

I realize that I've taken a lot for granted lately. Actually, not just lately. In the entirety of my life. All the time, basically every single day.

I know it's impossible to put things in reverse, but at this moment it's all I want.

A reverse button.

Not even to "re-do" anything, but more so to watch..or just to get "that" feeling again.

Every so often as of recently, I've been getting a glimpse of "that" feeling again. Most likely because I'm getting a glimpse of what life should really be like. Thanks to a good, dear friend.. and a possible willingness on my part to go out and do more things (besides turn everyone down who wants to hang out, and sit at home) -- I have felt like I'm living again. Just a little bit.

I think this trip my good friend and I have planned will be just what I need.
All that I need.

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