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:: 2017 15 December :: 1.02am
:: Music: morrissey bona drag

ouiji board can you help me
i got my nose pierced again. hopefully no one notices it's just a little diamond. i read the employee hand book anyway and nothing says i can't do it and plenty of girls have it. i feel more like me at least. i made a necklace again as well. tonight i went to a work function dinner and no one noticed. that bright eyes lyric where you're alone at a table of friends came to mind, but i wasn't really at a table of friends. i mean carlos was there, but that's about it. his girlfriend emily is nice enough too.

i got a new iphone 8 today, the old one was just shitting out way too much i couldn't take it anymore.

net neutrality is dead. mark today. fuck.

what am i doing with myself

please work out

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