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:: 2004 31 August :: 8.18 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Papa Roach- Take me

Funny Stuff!
Omg! Kyle is so funny!! He nearly made me hit a tree!! I was driving out of school, and he was really happy that I got a parking decoy, and he was kissing me, and I was trying to pull away, and he kept on kissing me, and I was going off the road, and Mike was just sitting in the back-seat staring at the tree, and we were like 4 ft away Mike was like "TREE!" It was sooo funny!! That same day I was taking both of them back to Kyle's house and he was acting like a retard person and he had the face and everything. He was doing the funniest movements and I was laughing soooo hard LoLz! It was great!

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:: 2004 1 August :: 5.09 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Better off- Ashlee Simpson

Its so weird....... you think you dont like someone that much,............ and than when you relize that nothing is going to happen.......... between you two........ because of an x-g/f.......... it kinda hits you, like damn.......... I actually liked him. I wanna know why she can move on, but he cant, he wants to, but he doesn't want to hurt her.......well gee........ thankz now Im hurt.......I dont know, maybe in a couple of days Im going to back to myself, all happy and everything...........but than I think, wait thats the 1st guy I have never gotton....... that I actually wanted............oh well...........guess its not ment to happen than.

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:: 2004 27 May :: 1.12 pm
:: Mood: Laughing my ass off!!
:: Music: Kyle, Rich, and Mike talking

Last day of school!
Yay!! Its the end of school!! Whoooo!! Omg on the way home from Wendys I had Kyle and Rich in the car and we were at a red light and we saw Kyle B, Chris P, Matt W, and two other guys one was pretty cute!! Anyways one of the guys that I didnt know mooned us so at the next red light Rich got out and put a maxie pad on their window LoLz!! It was soooo funny!! Ohhhh and today I was accecpted into the war with Kyle, Mike, and Rich. It suxz but at least Im not Sweeden anymore so I can get back at them. So Kyle (since Im in the war) went up to Greg after I was done talking to him, and told him that I liked him and lalala and it kinda back fired in his face cuz Greg was like She is hot!! Kyle says that he said he liked me, but I dont think he said that. LoLz! Oh well I dont care, Im happy being single!! Im going to get stuff for my ducks today and than movies write more later!!

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:: 2004 11 May :: 9.19 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Sounds of people's i/ms!

Wow I have a lot to write about but for right now Im just going to say that Saturday I can not do a whole lot till I take a course online. Call me if you wanna know more about what Im talking about and trust me you do wanna know LoLz! Write a lot more later Byez!

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:: 2004 2 May :: 6.26 pm
:: Mood: Stoked!
:: Music: Evanescence- Everybody's fool

Woke up at 8:30 and took Michelle home 1st. Michelle didnt feel good! I hope you feel better soon!! Than took Amanda home. Went to my house and Kelsey and I got all ready to go to an interview that I had about baby-sitting. Kelsey wanted to come to so she sat in the car while I talked to the parents. I got the job Yea!! Hehe! We went to MCD to get breakfast, but we couldnt get it free cuz Dave wasn't working. Went to Will's house where Scott and Ryan were. We stopped at my house to get stuff and my Dad was all like "Who are those guy!?" "Why do they dress funny?!" and all that other stuff. I was like "Dude! Dad they are cool I have known them since 8th grade!" (The reason why my Dad was saying all this is cuz they are Goths/Freaks.) (Geez I really hate it when people label other people!! But I kinda had to there cuz than you will get all the reasons why I dont like to label people.) We all went to the mall. There was some major discrimination by a cop toward them! The whole time we were walking from the parking lot to the entrance he was looking at them. We were all laughing and the cop was like "Be quiet inside guys." I really wanted to say "No offense sorry but that was discrimination." But I held my tongue. Inside Pac Sun we saw Fish, and wow! He is sooo sorry now that he called Kelsey ugly! (That must have felt sooo cool Kelsey!!) We meet up with 4 other people (I forgot all there names except for Sara LoLz! But one guy was cute to bad he has a g/f and she was with him!) LoLz! It was really fun. We saw Jaime and she come over and talked to us. She broke her wrist tackling someone LoLz! I bought chocolate and cologne, and Kelsey bought a drink which she spilled all over the floor LoLz! When Scott, Ryan, Will, Kelsey and I were walking back to the car Scott was following my really really close behind, and so many people were staring and stuff cuz he was running after me and stuff it was sOoO funny! We were able to talk Ryan into doing the cap thing which was sOoO cool, but I couldn't talk him into running up and doing say Batman!! With his "acid man hit" trench coat flying behind! The other 4 people walked over to the Guitar store, so of course Scott had to moon them from the car LoLz! When we got there we saw Jeremy and Mike, talked and listened to Mike play. Than we listened to Ryan play. Than this one guy who was sooooo good! According to Scott he was amazing!! LoLz! He was good! We than went to drop Ryan off at his house, than Scott, and than Will. Kelsey and I went back to my Dad's house and helped my with my Spanish Lolz!! Dad and Darlene thought it would be fun to go to Rum Runners for dinner, so Kelsey and I were like ok! Had to stop by Ryan's house and get my cologne on the way there Kelsey saw Daryl and flipped out LoLz! Kelsey and I got to the restaurant before Darlene, her niece Caite (she was 12 yesterday) and Dad. Curtis was working but Nick wasn't! Boo hoo! We told Evan (the waiter) if he wanted to get a really good tip to card Darlene and he did. Darlene was sooo faltered by it and a shocked LoLz! It was so great! A guy who worked there would not stopping eyeing me LoLz! It was cool! We had a really fun time! Evan was so cool he even gave Kelsey a lighter cuz she said she liked it LoLz! He did get a big tip in the end! LoLz! Kelsey and I wrote notes to him hehe! We took Catie home. Than we thought it would be really funny to call Dad and Darlene up and tell them that I got pulled over. Kelsey did such a good job at it! LoLz! Dropped Kelsey off and went home.

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:: 2004 1 May :: 6.01 pm
:: Music: D12- My Band

We woke up at 11 ish, and decide it would be fun to row out on the boat and have a picnic on the lake with Kelsey. When we got out there some guys were on the lake tubing, and the lake was really choppy Amanda and I were having so much fun trying to ourselves and everything else in the boat, hang on to the dock while Amanda took the rope off, and answer my cell phone LoLz! We almost capsized like 4 times! But we did it, and was able to get Kelsey! We couldn't have a picnic in the middle of the lake, so we had one in the canal it was really fun! Than it started to rain, so we were rowing back before it started to pour and fill the boat with water and than we would sink! On the way back after it was done raining I let Amanda row which she has never done before, and because of the current and her not being able to row we drifted all the way done the canal the wrong way LoLz! So poor Kelsey had to row us back against the current! LoLz! Some people were asking us to come over while we were out in the lake, and we said we would drive over, so after like 15 mins of getting ready we went over there but they had left but we did see Logan, Albert, and the guy we meet at Bre's party (I forgot his name!) Logan was all like "What?? Since when do you drive?!" LoLz! We were driving around looking for something to do so we decide to stop by Chase's house. He said he was at MCD with Matt, and maybe some other people, so we were heading over there when I saw Ryan! I haven't hang out with Ryan since 8th grade! He was with Will who I didnt even recognize. They were all like "Where you guys going?" I said "MCD" Ryan was like "Scott works there!" So I was like "Ok your coming with us!"

Scott is the guy that I meet in 8th grade who had a g/f. We all went swimming in the canal, went in some bushes, and came throw a window wedding style LoLz! All this was with Bre. (Hope you guys remember this without giving to much away! He is in the 1st chapter in a book I have!!)

Anyway we went to MCDs and Scott gave us free drinks. We decide to stay and wait for his shift to end. Will B come by so we were hanging out with him, and than Michelle come too! We got us some more free food thankz to Kelsey (You RULE!!) LoLz! Had some fun with Amanda running up and down the parking lot with the trench coat being Bat Girl LoLz!! After that we packed my car with Will, Ryan, Amanda, Michelle, Kelsey, and Scott. Amanda and Scott went in the trunk. Scott bite Kelsey cuz he thought it was Ryan LoLz! We went to Scott's house and he showed us his really cool monitor lizard that is fat and lazy! LoLz! Scott called his g/f Nicole over too. She was really cool. Somehow Scott and Nicole got into a lil fight/testing one another thingie. Nicole was holding Michelle's boob, and Scott come over and grabbed mine! I was just like "Omg Omg she is going to come over and attack me, for letting him do that! LoLz! This went on for a while. LoLz! Than it ended with Scott grabbing Ryan's nuts! LoLz! After all this we all packed into the car again and went to Will's house. Will's sister's b/f has a tv in the back of the car and it was playing porn LoLz! Went to my Dad's house at 11:30. Michelle, Kelsey, and Amanda slept over along with Kyle, Michael, and Rich (Of course!) Watched some South Park, and than I went to bed cuz I had to get up early and bring Amanda (who lives really far away) and Michelle home by 9. I couldn't sleep cuz everyone was making so much noise but I didnt care till it hit 2:30. Than I just asked everyone to go to bed. So we all did. Things got a lil yucky between Amanda and Kelsey and Amanda, Kelsey and me, but its all better now!! Sorry guys! I grumpy in the morning! Hehe! But I hope you see my point though!

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:: 2004 31 May :: 6.32 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: Saves the day- I melt with you

Went to the movies today with Ginny, Michelle, Amanda, and Kelsey. Went to go see Mean Girls! I thought it was really good and funny. There was a cute speech at the end of the movie and not to mention a HOT guy! When we walked out Gaby called me and was like turn around turn around and I was like spining like Ahhh Gaby what LoLz! There were so many people their. Courtney, Bre, Catie, Gaby, Jordon, Jessica and Greg. We walked to Johnny Rockets and saw Bre and Caite so we talked to them for awhile than we walked around and stalked Gaby, Jordon and Jessica. Amanda is a really bad stalker LoLz! *Omg she's looking!* *Grabs me and runs!* That was soo funny! When everyone left and it was just me, Kelsey, and Amanda I went to go get popcorn and this lady took for ever. She must have taken 20 mins for 3 things!! The guy at the contaire went to my school, but I didnt know that till I was like "You look so fimiliar!" "He was like "Yea, I go to your school!" See yea around!" LoLz! I got my poporn and than we went to Mugs and Jugs to meet up with Bonnie (Kelsey's Mom) and some guy that they know who Base ball team won! (Congrats to the Indains!!) The whole BB team, sang Im a Barbie Girl! LoLz! It was funny! Nelson was working that night, so thats why thay sang that song LoLz! He picked it for them! We played pool and Amadnda kicked are butts, cuz Kelsey and I were doing soo bad!! LoLz! We didnt wanna go home just yet (12:45) so we thought we would go see if Adam and Matt were up. Adam was up so he come outside, and into the car and ate popcorn. He talked about him beating up some black guys or something. After that we stopped by Chase's house. We thought it would be funny to knock on his window and freak him out! So I knocked on his window. Nothing happened so I knocked harder, still nothing happened, this went on for awhile all the time I was knocking louder and louder, and finally we gave up. So I called his cell, and he didnt pick that up, so I left a message saying that we were at his window and lala. LoLz! (Later I was talking to him online and he was like yea Im a really heavy sleeper LoLz!) Amanda slept over, and we talked about all kinda of random things.

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:: 2004 29 April :: 5.21 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Take my breath away- Jessica Simpson

Umm I changed my mind LoLz! I dont wanna go for it with Greg cuz I was talking to Rebecca, and she basically said everything out loud that I was thinking in the back of my head. So yea, hehe! Omg! In Aerobics the guys come in and were watching us through the door and we were all like "No they cant watch us!" LoLz! We look so dumb doing are exercises! There is one exercise that you have to balance on one foot and kick the other one out for like 20 times and than you hold it, part of it is that you have to be able to hold it when someone tries to make you lose your balance, so everyone tried it to me and I stayed up! Worked the hell out of my legs though! LoLz! When walking back form doing our laps we saw David Hill changing in the parking lot I mean he was in his boxers, so I was like "Ohh!!" "Take it off!" really loud and all the girls (Rebecca, Courtney, Vianica (Spelling ?), and Casey) were like "Omg Anne shhhh!" LoLz! It was sooo funny, I was kinda disappointed that he didnt turn around LoLz! Such a nice body! After PE we went in Vianica's car, and she dumped like half a bottle of perfume on me I can still smell it now! We played Heads up 7 up in Spanish again! I wasn't playing, so I head my head up, and Rich comes over and picks me, and Im like "Uhh you do know Im not playing right?" He was like "Oh my bad!" Im thinking you think my head being up would be a clue LoLz! This one guy kept on picking Brad even though the guy was not one of the pick-er people, and Brad was like watch him! it was just a fun time! Ahhhhh omg omg!! Guess what?! I passed a Spanish test all by myself! YEA ME! I got a 76!! Yea!! Went to the mall to get Kyle a deck, but they didnt have anything he liked so went home! Going to the tanning booth soon then Im going to watch the Robin William's Hook yea! LoLz!

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:: 2004 28 April :: 9.12 pm
:: Mood: dorky
:: Music: Shhh its sleep time!

English was fun today! We were talking about all the lil kids who play the scary roles in horror movies, and we were talking about how hard its got to be for them to make friends and all, cuz they are scary on the film, and they could really freak out there friends LoLz! Kyle was all angry that he couldn't lave school and hour and a half early cuz I had to drive in Driver's Ed he was flipping out about it in the car, and than when I was standing by the car he was all like you have to skip please skip!! In the end he slept in Mr. Sosas class. In Driver's Ed we had this Jr with us cuz the other guy didnt show up. The guy was hitting on me the whole time, and I was just thinking "Noooo no no not in front of the teacher, Im going to hear about it later." LoLz! But Couch is a really cool guy. He is pretty funny! The guy who was hitting on me walked me all the way to my car. I was like "Ok this is my car. Bye!" LoLz! Went home, than babysat at the Daycare. Such an easy jod 4 kids all were sooo great! OMG Taylor (12) told me that I ate alot and that why my chest was so big!!!! I was like WHAT??!! LoLz! Heyy you know whats kinda funny when I was babysitting we talked about scary movies too LoLz! This one girl (Shannon 8) knew all the movies and was like "Oh yea and that one part where Jason grabs him and...." I was like Geez kid! Went home and bed time yea LoLz! Im tired!

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:: 2004 27 April :: 5.14 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: JoJo- Leave (Get out)

Ok, I have talked to people, and everyone thinks I should go for it with Greg. So ok LoLz! I dont think Im going to get anywhere with him cuz he has a g/f! LoLz! But he shows sooo many signs, and I didnt/dont respond to them. But Im going to now LoLz!

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:: 2004 24 April :: 4.05 pm
:: Mood: Happy about my results! Lolz!
:: Music: Something my Mom is playing

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:: 2004 23 April :: 3.31 pm
:: Mood: Mad/hot (as in sweaty you perv people out there!)
:: Music: Metalica- Sandman

Omg! This guy in my Aerobics class has some HOT Abs! He took his shirt off to wipe sweat off and I was the only one to see I was like "Ahh Ahhh look omg omg look!" and everyone was like "What what??!!" I was like "Over there!' and he took his shirt done right after everyone looked over! I was like Haha!! Oh geez I did such a dumb thing, when the bell rang for 5th prd I was walking out with Courtney, and Greg was in the hallway putting his pants on and he was like "Anne, I need help!" I said "Sorry I only know how to unzip!" LoLz! I dissed myself sooo bad but it was really funny! OMG you know whats sooo not cool, is that David got caught cheating and all he did was get a warning like me and thats it, but I get 2 days ISS and a referal! I was like ok my teacher does not like me! Today she was almost not going to let me go to The Grill and Chill thing cuz my name wasn't on the list, and I was like "I have a card! Do you wanna see it?" So she had to let me go. The Grill and Chill was ok, I got free food, so it was really cool for me LoLz! Kyle throw Rich's shoe on his house roof! It was soo funny! Spainsh lessons was ok, the teacher was really nice and fun! I think it might help me. Gaby, Amanda, Kyle, Rich and I all went to Michelle's drum thing! Michelle- You did so good! Sorry we coudn't stay longer! We than went to go see Kyle and Rich's Girlfriend! For those who dont know its the Girl in the movie the girl next door. That was a really cute movie the guy in it was soo cute, and the other 2 were hot!! LoLz! Went for ice cream after! My ice cream wasn't that yummy, so I got to eat Rich's LoLz! Dropped everyone off and went home.

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:: 2004 22 April :: 10.33 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Nothing people are sleeping

Take my Quiz on!

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:: 2004 21 April :: 4.00 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Sublime- Badfish

I love my Aerobics class! Ms. Martins is so cool! The girls in my class though are so inexperince with guys, like this senoir girl is 18 and never kissed a guy before! Its sad. When we were waiting for the bell to ring I was talking to Greg, some girl, and some other guy about pirceings, and I told them about Fish's and they were like Ahhh! LoLz! I had three tests today! I think did ok in American Gov't. The other one was Spainsh I think I did bad on one, and ok on the other one. But the one I think I did bad on she was like you didnt finish this, and I didnt hear, so I said what is it? And was like you know what just forget, and everyone was like ohhh, and I had to walk up there so she wouldnt stick a zero in for something I did. She is really not starting to like me. LoLz! I babysit tonight Jared-8 and Pagie-5. There are the cuttest kids! I had a bubble fight with them and feed trutle and ducks. Its was fun got $30 for it! Yay! Got home at 10.

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:: 2004 20 April :: 2.44 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Musicology- Prince

This morning I forgot the way to the ISS room, cuz I walked Amanda to class, and I went down the wrong staircase. I was standing downstairs like "Wait a min!" LoLz! Omg, omg! I did such a ditzy thing that could have cost me 3 more days of ISS! Well I did it yesterday, but I only realized today. I had to go to Ms. Banner's office to get the ok, that I was allowed out of ISS at 12:15. She was talking to me and she wanted to make sure that I had told my Mom about ISS and everything, and so she called her. She was on the phone and the computer so I thought she had gotton the number to Mom's cell from there, but she looked at me and was like "Is there another number I can call?" I was like "What number did you call?" and she said my cell number! I was like "Huh thats my number. How did you get that?" She was like "You gave it to me yesterday!" I was like "I did?" and she showed me where she has wrote it, and I was like "Oops my bad!" "I gave you the wrong number!" She was all like "Now Im going to have to call your Mom and tell her what you did." I was "Why would I give Ms. Moorre the right number and not you?" But she told my Mom anyways and my Mom told me later that she said "If you asked her what month it was she would say Apirl!" "That was a blonde mistake!" So I didnt get in trouble, and Ms. Banner still loves me! She is soo cool! Even when she thought I had given her my number on purpose she was still being really nice! After that I went to the ISS room. There were soooo many cute/hot guys coming in and out. Some where actually staying. One hot guy sat behind me I was like wow! There was another one in the very back, and than there were two cute ones to the side of me. Than this guy come in and he was soo cute, and he had a really nice car on his binder too, but it was to far away to see. Sean come in, but he was only there for like 10mins, but it was all good cuz I wrote Amanda a four page long note back and front. Amanda- Dont throw that away!! I wanna copy it in here! LoLz! When I had to go to my locker to get my Spainsh stuff (Its not really in my locker its in this guy called Sean's locker) well I forgot where it was and after like 8 lockers I found it I felt like such a dork! LoLz! Greg saw me, and he was like "Im going to be in there soon." But he never come. Oh well! Others come! It was so cold in that room! I was freezing! Oh yea! Some kid is in soooo much trouble I was sleeping and I woke up to Ms. Banner, Mr. Shafer and the cop guy come in. The cop guy stood outside (I think he was waiting there to see if the kid showed up again) and Mr. Shafer went in the bathroom after Ms. Banner got done talking to the teacher lady (I forgot her name) He looked like he was looking for something. He than went outstide again, and was like everyone look at the camaras for him I want him now! Dude it was pretty cool LoLz!! Went home. Watched tv, and did homework! Ohh fun! LoLz!

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