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User:yellowchicki (user# 5942)
Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States
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Bio:-::-Locations!-::- I was born in England, moved to Germany, and now I live in Florida!! -::-Family!-::- My Mom is from England (She has the accent and everything is soo cool!) My Dad is from Germany (He still has the accent and most people cant understand him!) My parents are split up. My Dad is seeing someone, and my Mom is single. I have a younger brother called Richard who is really funny. I have my *other* brother Kyle who is one of my best friends! -::-My pets!-::- I have 2 yellow labs (mother and dughter) called Missy and Cookie, a Breaded Dragon called Professor Chaos. 2 newts called Sparky and Godzokey. I have a cat called Sammy, and two little Ducks called Sir Rupert Quakers and Tinkie Quakers!
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