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:: 2006 4 November :: 1.38 pm

I should really update quite a bit more. Perhaps my days just aren't that interesting and it leaves me lacking in motivation? Regardless! Short summary?
My week went pretty well as expected. Quite dull. Dylan and I skipped half of the day on Tuesday, we are yet to be punished for that. We had planned on getting coffee and going to the store late last night, but it didn't work out due to conflict with his mother (She really can be quite the over-protective mother at times).
I don't really know what's happening with all of my teachers, classes, doctors, meds, etc. etc. etc.
I've changed two of my classes to study halls which seem to be congregational (if you hadn't already guessed, that wasn't used in religious context) points for people who "need help", yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, if that isn't enough to make one self-conscious, I don't know what is! Regardless, it gives me more time to catch up in my classes.
Monday! They're probing me with cameras. I'm thinking the entire thing will be fruitless and I'll look like a hypochondriac. Hopefully they find something!

I apologize for last night. I was exhausted and rather sad after my plans fell through. I'll work on writing you something today, I should have all the time in the world. Tim asked me if I wanted to record something and I'm still trying to contact Dylan to see if he wants to get coffee and loiter in the store somewhere. I even be able to make it in my own haaaaaaaaaandwriting. I loooooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuu, Lauraaaaaaaaaaaa.

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:: 2006 29 October :: 3.29 pm

I apologize for my lack of updates. I've been horribly busy, yet not so much at the same time. I really have nothing of interest to post about. I'm not making a lot of progress on anything and I'm spending a lot of time sleeping. Which is actually quite a good thing, I really needed it. I didn't have the energy to walk properly a lot of times. Now that I'm eating normally and sleeping a little more, I do feel a little bit better! The only problem.. it clashes with my time to talk to Laura.. I suppose I just need to keep up this routine until they test me tomorrow..

Laura- I love you.. and I'm worrying about you a lot on this specific day.. I'm sorry.. and I don't know what would comfort you. I don't even know what comforted me.. I love you.. and I miss you.. even when you don't believe me.

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:: 2006 22 October :: 4.16 am

I should really update this things more often.. I'm suffering from lack of motivation to do a lot of things. Things I dislike and things I enjoy. Tim and I did manage to lay down a track today, we didn't establish a melody, but we managed to get chords I wrote down. Tim thought it was really pretty! T.T
I basically need to tell all of my teachers that I might need reminders of my work.. and I fucking hate talking to them about this.. or talking to them period.. I am unable to keep up with my own ideas at times and sort out things in my life.. My plan for tonight was to take my klonopin and either pass out in my closet while trying to write something or mope in my bed.. It's a rather depressing cycle to get into.. and I don't know if I'll be able to accomplish anything..

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:: 2006 19 October :: 8.37 am
:: Music: The Vaselines

I have successfully managed to evade my father, putting off my test until Monday or Tuesday. I now have about three options:
1. Study for said test and work on homework.
2. Attempt composing new material for Tim and I to record this weekend.
3.Take my various prescriptions and pass out.

-You know, our cover of "Son of a Gun" could have been much better if I had used either of two things, my Fender Blender or a chainsaw.

-Making an assumption based off of the fact that dad is willing to fund Andy's cello lessons, he will more than likely fund my piano lessons. I still need to call place and secure a piano with fairly decent sound to practice on. I should probably loooook into that.


:: 2006 18 October :: 10.09 pm
:: Music: Television

I must admit that I feel rather nervous belonging to an elite journal community. Hopefully I will not prove myself to be undeserving of this honor. Though, my odds aren't looking so hiiiigh..

I apologize for last night. I fell asleep around 5:00PM and did not awaken until 6:00AM. Thaaaaaaaaaank you for the cooooooooooode. It helps quite a bit to at least exist in the same online journal community that youuuu dooooooooo. It helps the lonliessssssss.. I looooove youuuuu, Lauraaa. I plan to try remaining awake tonight.

In Other News!

I have quite an extensive test concerning the works we've covered in my literature class tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm totally unprepared. I am yet to read several of the things we've been instructed to. Thooooooooooooough, Dylan and I planned to skip the day. Hopefully that will carry through as planned. I fear that I will need the extra time to study.


To anyone that may be interested, behold! Steven. >.<
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P.S. Does the marquee get a tad bit annoying? T.T

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