At least you'll have my heart.<3.
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I'll breathe you in,
I won't let you down. I won't hold your back,
I won't make a sound.


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At least you'll have my heart..

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:: 2008 4 July :: 2.28am
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: katy perry [i kissed a girl]

friends only, of course.

Comment to be added.
Or just add me and I'll add you back.

I deleted all of the old entries and will now be using this blog to talk about me mostly (my thoughts, opinions, favorite things, etc.). I plan on keeping up with it pretty regularly, so give it a try.. you might like what you find.


(((edit))) 9-2-09: for real this time :)

i can survive..


:: 2008 5 March :: 9.02am
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: We're in heaven- cascada

baby you're all that i need.
Tyler didn't call me at all yesterday, but he called me this morning to say I love you. [: Tori's not at school again, so I'm bored as fuck. I don't have much to say.

Have a good day!

i can survive..


:: 2008 4 March :: 9.03am
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: Bittersweet Symphony.

So i'll probably be updating this thing until I graduate, cause I aide 3rd period. So I'll be updating everyday. Today I found out I don't have to come to school next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. So hopefully Tyler gets out Monday, that would be perfect! So I can spend those 3 days with him. I watched Cruel Intentions for the first time about a week ago. That's my new favorite, It's an amazing movie.

I don't really feel like typing anymore.
Have a good day!


i can survive..


:: 2008 25 February :: 10.00am
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: Boosie

Damn, looking at this is ridiculous. It's been so damn long. I'm a senior now, and graduating in 2 1/2 months. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Tyler William Bauer. I have a best friend Victoria May Cosgrove. My boyfriends in jail at the moment. He went in 2/13/08 and his courtdate is 3/4/08. So hopefully he gets out a couple days after that. But we don't know. My birthday was 2/15/08, 18! Holla! I got some new piercings, Septum, Smiley, and Lip. Tattoo soon, hopefully. I listen to rap more often than anything else. I don't have a job. But I have a car waiting in the garage for me to get a job. I got kicked out of school Last february, and I just got back this year. I love art, hopefully that will be my field in college. But we'll see. I'm hoping Tyler and I stay together for a long time. I really love him, so I hope things go well with him. I'm going crazy with him being in jail. It's a terrible feeling. But I will live.

Everyone have a nice day!


I'll probably never update this again, or even think to look at it.♥

i can survive..


:: 2007 10 August :: 4.28pm
:: Mood: calm

okay, so my woohu. Is once again going in to retirment.

3 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2007 1 August :: 4.57pm
:: Mood: blank

Your day is only what you make of it, so make it the best day ever

--> danielle where are these updates with quotes !!

i can survive..


:: 2007 22 July :: 4.35pm

hah look what im doing. so i can update for you again! =]

3 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 17 November :: 12.00pm
:: Music: Under the Bridge - RHCP

Being apart b.r.e.a.k.s. me ..

It never seems to amaze me at how much i miss you more and more every single day. I feel like we have been apart for the longest time, like i havent seen you in years when its been not even more than a week. I love you more than these words could ever explain, and thats something that you will never understand ..

I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way

i can survive..


:: 2006 10 November :: 1.00pm
:: Mood: crushed
:: Music: hinder - Better than me.

To the only holder of my heart ..

Iíve got to give up. A heart can only be broken, be toyed with, be manipulated so many times before it just stops beating. Before it burst of such a deep pain not even the darkest power could even describe it. So before I fall to my knees so broken; ill crawl out of this. I canít let this happen to me. My heart deserves more. My heart is so torn around your finger that it is most definitely not strong enough to take anymore of these undesirable games.

^^First paragraph to a letter that i wrote someone * not current boyfriend * is it something i should give em? =(

Honey why you crying is everything okay
I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud
Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on

i can survive..


:: 2006 6 November :: 9.18pm
:: Mood: amused

i love danielle

this if for you once again my lovee
[ ( as always ) ]

im simply saying hello for now.
showing you i do promise to update [ ( some day ) ] SOON !!

3 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 3 November :: 1.12pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: get stoned - hinder..

Killing me would be the sweeter sin ..

So im sitting at school making up hours because i missed so much, bored out of my mind thinking about shit. Im going to call off work today, Jamee already did and were going to spend the day together doing god knows what. But im excited for not having to work, its been the longest week of my life, everyday going to school at 6 30 leavin at 4 45 and working from 5 til 10 ish every single day but mon and wed when i have to work at 3! Urgh ..

But i guess i cant complain, my court date is monday and besides the stress life is giong pretty good right now . Tyler and i had a long ass talk last night while we were in bed, and we both got a lot off our chest, i feel good about that. I feel secure with the fact that i want to be with him forever ♥

The bed I'm lying in is getting colder
Wish I never would've said it's over
And I can't pretend that
I won't think about you when I'm older
Cause we never really had our closure
This can't be the end

i can survive..


:: 2006 2 November :: 4.23pm
:: Mood: accomplished

My biggest fear isnt losing you ..

So randomly i write in this often, things are beyond point break on the stress level. But everything is going well. Im good at overwhelming myself but hey thats a part of growing up right.

Best things about my life right now are my boyfriend ; whom which i love and cant wait to spend forever with. And cant wait to get that promise ring rock from. And my friends, life is so beautiful when you have those two things, ex mine. I wouldnt trade anything right now !

Its living without you ♥

i can survive..


:: 2006 11 September :: 9.15am
:: Music: The All-American Rejects -- Swing, Swing

Boys are stupid. I hate them.

Oh, and I just got over mono. That's why there were no updates.
Making up all the school work I missed has not been easy. But I can't complain much.. I guess. I still get to go to homecoming, which is awesome, considering I wasn't going to be able to at first.

&& we beat Fort Myers! For like the first time in 23 years. Cypress is celebrating, and probably will be, for like ever.

i can survive..


:: 2006 4 August :: 9.25pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Push -- Matchbox 20

So school starts in a few days.. Tuesday to be exact. Kinda looking forward to it, but not really. At least I'll get to see all my friends again. And Randy every day ♥♥

What can I say? I'm hooked.

Oh && AP classes are horrible.
Never take them. Trust me.

1 without you | i can survive..


:: 2006 29 July :: 12.25pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: Sheryl Crow -- I Shall Believe

So I just deleted all my entries from freshman and sophmore year. I never realized how annoying I actually was. So now, I'll start anew with new entries and everything.

It shall be fun.

i can survive.. | Random Journal