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User:happygolucky4646 (user# 324)
Name:Ryan Mather
Location: Hillsdale, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:thenewgalore
Bio:"Although life may not be the party we hoped for, while we're here we might as well dance" -Andy Rooney
Friends:(34) .j.e.s.s., 70billion, andy, beckaboo, blondie17, brad, charlie, danibean, everyfallingday, fadedxtears, glitterkisses, Holiday, infinite, JediBumblebee, jessa_lynne, lilschaub, morning-view, Munkysaurus, mysticdaydream, onceagainistandalone, pinkpenguin, rocketboxer, ShadowCow, sherriffsteve, softspoken, spinder, spud, Stinko, sugarmouse0587, tare, this-acoustic-love, Tuwang, Wafflehouse, yersmilefadesinthesummer
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Interests:(24) boston, bridgeway, driving without any place to go but away, everything in between, friends, life, love, morningstar76 (and 75) den of sin, music, new york, playing my guitar, rain storms, redemtion, salvation, singing alone in the car where no one can ruin the lyrics with their unwanted piece of mind, taxi cabs, the beautiful, the good, the lonely, the noise of the city, the skyline of a new york night, the smell of the city, the subway, the weathered face of the man playing his guitar on the street corner
Created:2002-03-27 17:24:27
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