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Holiday (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2002 at 11:54am
Current mood: sore, in pain
Man oh man oh man oh man! It was so icy @ Cannonsburg on wednesday. I knew I shouldn't have been talked into to going that last time before we had to leave. I already had a splitting head ache from only a moment ago,( you kow those ones on the back of your head) those kill...
well, yeah, so I went, and was going soooo fast it was soooo fun until I hit a big piece of ice, flew & flipped
through the air, and landed on my head. I
didn't know what happened because i was out, but only for like 2 seconds max... This really nice ski patrol lady asked if I was alright because she saw me from the chairlift and i was
"flipping a few times and pretty airborne for a while"-exact words.
I was so scared.
When I came to I had a *huge* lump on the side of my head and the lenses of my goggles fell out.
The lady asked if I wanted to ride down on the snowmobile but I said no. Even though it would have been fun. Jessi told me I should've milked it for all it was worth! But I was alright, a little shaky though. It was actually funny. I wish someone got it on video. I was so sore on Thursday. I am so sore now! I stayed home today. I've got scratches and a bruise on my head! :)
(Warwounds and
battle scars Jess said)
I'm going to tan and then go to pep tonight because I'm feeling better now.
All you band dorks out there remember now___*ONLY 6 MORE DAYS TILL FLORIDA!!!*
well, i'm gonna go but most likely I'll be back. What am I talking about? Of *course* I'll be back...i'm a gump don't listen to me.
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at home, 02-08-02 2:16pm

so you're at home too, huh. a good day for that i suppose. if you wanna know why i'm home, read my journal.

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