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spud (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2002 at 11:33pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: the soothing sounds of my stepdads acoustic guitar
Subject: the conquistadorness

Day 82,
warmest day yet, even the wang won't move. i have to say that the troops have nearly given up hope. the only reason to stay alive are the memories of home, and the quest at hand. the situation seems most dire, and we have yet to see any signs of hope. i didn't ever think things would end up like this.

day 84,
day 83 seems to have taken a miss, but that doesn't matter. we just recieved word that the fifty-third division would indeed be meeting up with us in a few short days. this was very good news, for all were seeming to lose hope. all we can do now is wait. wait...and pray.

day 85,
still no sign of anyone from the hudsonville side. they are due shortly. we hope that their travels are going swiftly, and without toil. any harm to them could cost me and my crew our lives. so, make haste, and have pure of mind, you fifty third division.

day 90,
i seem to have lost track of time. where did all the days go?

day 87,
alas, they have arrived. though i must admit that i'm confused about the recent passing of calendar awareness, amidst all of this revelry, it is difficult to remain on these thoughts. for this is a happy union. we have not needed to conquer, but become powerful allies with, our moosetracks ice cream, and hope that the merger...or i mean, the union between our forces will be one of symbiotic pleasure and happiness in eclecticity in and great abundance of our desired dish, the frozen concoction that cleanses our palettes like no other.
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02-11-02 7:41pm

you have a very vivid imagination! go spud!

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Re:, 02-12-02 2:55pm

yeah go spud!

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Re: Re:, 02-12-02 3:49pm

oh yeah!

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Re: Re: Re:, 02-12-02 10:07pm


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