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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2003 at 1:25am
Current mood: creative
Music: Shades of Love- Empty Trash
Subject: Yay. Update.
I figured I could give y'all the scoop. I've actually had a pretty decent social life this summer, unlike most. I told y'all about my jogging thing, right? Yeah well that lasted like....a week. I should probably get to it again. Less than a week before I leave on vaca!!! Cruise, yay! I'm really getting excited about it, people say its a blast.

At first I was worried about what the teenagers on board would think of me, but then I kicked myself in the head when I realized that they would be no different than the ones at school, and we'd get along great. At least I can hang out with them rather than my little cousin, Melanie. Its bad enough I have to share a room with her, she'll want to go with me everywhere. But too bad, she dont get to. I got a new swim suit, I like it a lot. Mom lies when she says I dont look good in stripes. She made me a dress. The straps fit a bit funny, but if I were to wear my grey shirt over it, no one would notice. Its cute. I like how the grey and blue go together. Might even wear it to church 3 weeks. 2 weeks of no singing, can you imagine!!! I just hope they dont die without me, and they shouldnt. I'm sure things will be fine. Anyway, yeah. I dont know what else to say. Is there anything you guys want me to catch up on? If there is, comment and tell me :)

Nic and I are practically going out now. He's even come over and hung out, and his birthday party and all. Next time I see him he's getting a kiss on the cheek. Oh, and yesterday (or rather, day before since its tuesday now) was Charlie's birthday, and the day before was Jeremy's. I gave Charlie a little card I made, but I didnt even get to talk to Jeremy. :( Oops!!! I tried though!!! He wasnt home when I called. But yeah, anyway, bed or something, I guess...


P.S. Finished the Harry Potter book this afternoon. A masterpiece, if I do say so. But now I'm trying to read Jane Austen, and its a bit hard to adjust from modern adventure Harry Potter to classical romance Fanny Price so very quickly. I'll get over it though.
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