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:: 2004 6 February :: 12.46 pm

Howdy! Yay for updates.

This week has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausting. I think school has definately hit an all time low for me. Sophomore year sucks!

Ummm yeah. I miss Xanny I havent heard from him at all recently except to know that he's alive or whatever. Aaaand yep. My deviantArt is so totally awesome you should all look!

Um k. That's it. Just wanted to say hi! And that school sucks!

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:: 2004 23 January :: 1.23 pm

Howdy! So, I did it. I broke up with Nic. It is a big weight off my shoulders. Kind of. ITs really weird, its like...nothing has changed between us. Like at all. He didnt even want to know WHY I broke up with him! It was really weird. He said "No!" but only because he had already bought me something for Valentine's Day. He's crazy!!!!!!! But he's going to give it to me anyway. :p so now the only problem I have with him is what to get him for Valentine's day and how much to Yeah.

I also have to buy Katherine a birthday present. She turns 16 next weekend! I want to get her some pillow mist from Bath & Body Works. I'll do that next time Mia and I go to Jamba Juice...which is something we havent done in a while so we'll probably do that this weekend.

Haha there is this kid next to me who's reading this, he probably thinks I'm such an innocent girly girl because of what he was reading about presents and stuff. :P If only he knew..

Mk yeah. La. So glad school is almost over. 2 more hours!!! Seriously, like in a minute and 2 hours the bell will be ringing. Thank you Lord!!!

K I'm done. Later!

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:: 2004 21 January :: 12.45 pm

I'm so sorry that I havent been updating. Since like the summer!!!

Nic is still my boyfriend but I'm breaking up with him as of this afternoon.

I have my period and it is REALLY bugging me. I also have no signal on my (mom's) phone which is also bugging me.

I love my Xanny. That doesnt bug me :)

La...yeah..I'm just really bored right now....I have like 2 projects I could and should be doing so...I'll be getting to it now. Later!


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:: 2003 27 July :: 12.15 pm
:: Mood: good

Haha I stole Nic's babysitting job. It wasnt really my fault, mom was the one who got it for me. See, he babysits Tracy Wilson's kids. Tracy is the ASL teacher at Grapevine, and she and mom are friends and all. About 2 nights ago they went out, and since Nic was out of town, she had to drive to Euless and back to pick up the babysitter. Well, that took her hour or so. And then she had to drive back here and pick up Mom! So anyway, they're going out again on the 5th and instead of her getting that babysitter in Euless again (which she really wouldnt have to do, since Nic gets back from his cruise today), Mom told her to just bring her kids with her over here and I'll watch them. See, sometimes kids bother me, partly because they dont act like Greg. When I babysit Greg, he sits on his butt in the play room on his video games or on the computer, while I'm on the computer or watching TV or whatever. The most I have to do is make him dinner. So when I watch other people's kids, it frustrates me how much more attention they need. At least, compared to Greg. Greg takes care of himself because we taught him to. Kinda the way my parents taught me. Then again, I think it was AJ who taught us. Before Greg was born, he would bully me. Which kept me humble and taught me when to complain and when not to (after being told to quit taddling all the time). And now he's done that to Greg too. So I dont know. I guess it was AJ who got us this way. Maybe its a good thing, maybe not. Oh well, whatever. I'm done, just had to write something and that was what came to mind.


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:: 2003 18 July :: 2.01 pm
:: Mood: flustered
:: Music: Something by Mandy Moore (visiting the website)

Maria comes back in 4 days, including today. She was going to come back on the 23rd, but she called me a few days ago and told me she's actually going to be back the 22nd. Yay! That means I have to get my room done soon. I painted it green and stuff, its pretty cool. I'll get a picture up sometime, but not til Tim gets home from France and even then I dont want to be like "Hey, Tim, how was France? Want to put this picture on your site so I can put it in my journal for me?" I mean what kind of greeting would that be? And 2 days after he gets back, he's going on some family trip. I see enough of my family as it is, so I'm glad that the only trip we took this year I wasnt rooming with them and got to run around on my own most of the time. Nic leaves for his cruise on Sunday. So sad. I'd get together with him today, but Melissa invited me to the mall and to see a movie and stuff, and I already told her yes, and I'm doing laundry, so unless he comes over here for a few hours and then leaves, I wont see him today. I already called him and he didnt answer anyway, so yeah. I'll see what he's doing tomorrow, but surely he'll be busy packing. Sigh. Oh well. My room isnt done yet anyway. Melissa came over last night for a few hours. We watched TV, ate Taco Bell, picked on Greg (we made him dress up in one of my old pink dresses for 50 cents), and talked and yeah. It was interesting. She's cool. We're going to see How to Deal tonight. I dont think most of my other friends are going to want to see that, but Melissa does. or at least, she doesnt mind, so we're going to go. Which means I will be getting back late tonight, but that's fine. Anyway, mom calling, bye.


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:: 2003 25 June :: 11.14 am
:: Mood: groggy
:: Music: Drift Away

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Heehee. So yeah. Day 2 of Maria being gone. I miss her horribly, but its ok. Nic called me Sunday, and then Monday too, but we didnt talk yesterday. He hasnt been online so I'm going to assume his internet is still being really weird. Last night I introduced Jacqui to Tim. Now Jacqui had been hearing me go on and on about Tim for like...ever now. But yeah, they had never talked, and I had really never mentioned Jacqui to Tim. They seemed to hit it off though. I could see things happening in this, but I dont know, whatever. We'll see. So yeah. I'm hanging on I guess. I talked to Josh last night, the poor thing dear, he had football practice yesterday after staying up all night with Mia. He was actually being nice he was so tired. I felt so bad. But he and I actually got along last night. Probably because he and I are kinda in the same boat, ya know, like...we both miss Mia terribly. He cant tell any of that crap to James, I've realized now that James doesnt quite understand any of it. So he seems to talk to me about that kind of stuff, like last night. We both talked about how bored we are without Mia, and how I was going to Jessica's today to get away from this stupid house, but how he was just going to end up staying at home all day. Do you think it would be nice of me to invite him to come...? That never even dawned on me. I dont quite know if he would accept, never know I guess. Maybe I'll ask Jessica about it. The best thing about Josh is that he and I are in the same boat, which is why I feel so bad that he has nothing to do today, because I felt that yesterday and all. Although I dont know, does he still have drivers ed? I'll just have to see. I'll probably never get around to asking him, but I mean...its just a thought. So yeah. That's really the update, nothing eventful.


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:: 2003 24 June :: 9.03 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: Shades of Love- Empty Trash

Haha was I listening to that song when I updated last night? Wouldnt be surprised. But that's not why I'm posting. How could she leave? Why? Ever since I woke up this morning to her calling me, I've been dealing with the reality that she is gone for a month. How am I supposed to live with that? How do I rant now? I emailed her earlier. I had seriously only meant to ask her if she liked the Harry Potter book I let her borrow, but....I ended up going on about crap, practically in tears the whole time, just like I am now. Is she this sad when she thinks of me? Or is she too focused on Josh? I know they just officially hooked up and all, but that cant keep her from thinking of me like...ever. Especially since she has my book, and the journal a bought her especially for the trip. I'm just all teary now and it bugs me that I can be this way. Its not even Nic! Its not even a boy, its my best friend. I think I just need to stop listening to all this depressing music. I should be excited about my cruise coming up in less than a week, but I'm not. I just sit here, listening to this song over and over and over, wishing someone would call me. I'm in no mood to call them. They can call me. Its like a loyalty test at the moment. Jessica is failing horribly, I called while she was at a class, and her mom said she'd have her call me. She hasnt. I know she's home by now. Jeremy not doing so well, but I didnt demand he call me, I only suggested. Other than that no one has called and I havent told anyone to call. I'm wondering if Nic would think to call...but I guess not. I suppose I'm just depressed because all my friends are now across town or apparently too busy for me. I know Maria didnt want to go, but I cant help being slightly mad with her for leaving. I remember last summer it was like "Oh? You're leaving? Well, have fun.." And that was it. I survived last summer. But she and I are so much closer now. Its so much different. She's knows me better than anyone ever has, and I the same about her. And now that she's not here, who is supposed to read my mind, or be able to tell over the phone when I'm the tiniest bit depressed. Jason was brilliant at that, he could tell by simply READING what I was saying if I were even the littlest bit problemed by anything. He got annoying though because he would just bug me and bug me about it. I guess no one's perfect though. Tim is great and all, but no help since he's as lonely as I am. And he's always so busy. I'm going to be so alone when he goes to France. Then I wont even have him. Ok well...I need to get away from this stuff. See ya.


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:: 2003 24 June :: 1.25 am
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: Shades of Love- Empty Trash

Yay. Update.
I figured I could give y'all the scoop. I've actually had a pretty decent social life this summer, unlike most. I told y'all about my jogging thing, right? Yeah well that lasted like....a week. I should probably get to it again. Less than a week before I leave on vaca!!! Cruise, yay! I'm really getting excited about it, people say its a blast.

At first I was worried about what the teenagers on board would think of me, but then I kicked myself in the head when I realized that they would be no different than the ones at school, and we'd get along great. At least I can hang out with them rather than my little cousin, Melanie. Its bad enough I have to share a room with her, she'll want to go with me everywhere. But too bad, she dont get to. I got a new swim suit, I like it a lot. Mom lies when she says I dont look good in stripes. She made me a dress. The straps fit a bit funny, but if I were to wear my grey shirt over it, no one would notice. Its cute. I like how the grey and blue go together. Might even wear it to church 3 weeks. 2 weeks of no singing, can you imagine!!! I just hope they dont die without me, and they shouldnt. I'm sure things will be fine. Anyway, yeah. I dont know what else to say. Is there anything you guys want me to catch up on? If there is, comment and tell me :)

Nic and I are practically going out now. He's even come over and hung out, and his birthday party and all. Next time I see him he's getting a kiss on the cheek. Oh, and yesterday (or rather, day before since its tuesday now) was Charlie's birthday, and the day before was Jeremy's. I gave Charlie a little card I made, but I didnt even get to talk to Jeremy. :( Oops!!! I tried though!!! He wasnt home when I called. But yeah, anyway, bed or something, I guess...


P.S. Finished the Harry Potter book this afternoon. A masterpiece, if I do say so. But now I'm trying to read Jane Austen, and its a bit hard to adjust from modern adventure Harry Potter to classical romance Fanny Price so very quickly. I'll get over it though.

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:: 2003 24 May :: 5.13 pm

Tis the first day of summer. Doesnt feel like it but whatever.
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Ya know, that quiz is actually right on target with something I wanted to tell you guys. I'm going to start jogging around my block every single morning. No, Mia, I dont want you to come becuase I just like...need to do this on my own and at my own pace. That's ok, right? You can do your own jog, I know you already have one. :) I'm just tired of people (*AHEM* dad) telling my I need to lose weight and stop being so lazy. I want to look the way I feel inside. Confident. I really dont care too much what other people think, but dad gets to your head eventually so...yeah.

Mia and Josh are so adorable. He was at her party last night which was extremely fun. I had a good time, I hope she did too. Although why on earth was Jesse all over him the way she was? I dont like it. Although Whitney says she was kinda going for James too, so maybe she's just trying to get herself a guy. But ya know whatever. Not my problem, its kinda more of Mia's problem, although if Jesse does get Josh to do something evil with her rather than Mia, it will be my problem. It was so nice being able to surprise her like that. So yes, for her birthday Josh says he is taking her to dinner and a movie of her choice. We discussed it last night (I hope she didnt mind me focusing on it like that, but I want her to be able to go on this date, I want it to work) and so yeah I'm thinking the plan is we go somewhere (Dont know where yet) and Mia bring me and Josh brings "J" (James, Josh calls him J) and then James and I can go to whatever and Mia and Josh can go do whatever. Although theirs is a date and me and James is just like...yeah me and James. Wouldnt that be weird/cool if Mia was dating Josh and I, James? It would be friends dating best friends. Well, at least we'd never get bored, right? Right. So yeah ummm...I believe that is all for now. Just had to get a few thoughts out. Poor Mia and I are both on our periods so we poor dears are in no mood to do anything. So. I'll just be sitting here bored for a while, and then I'll call her on her new cellular phone, because she wants me to and she knows she likes talking to me. Oh yeah. So anyways. Bye.


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:: 2003 21 April :: 4.49 pm

So, how is everyone's life?

$#%&. I hate my life.
Its lonely
I'll survive I guess
It could be better, but I'm not complaining.
It rocks!!!

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:: 2003 2 April :: 9.35 pm
:: Mood: thirsty
:: Music: Coldplay- Yellow

Alright. The game plan. I have until MONDAY to ask Charlie to be my date to banquet. If I havent asked by then, I'm asking Bobby or Nic or one of my other friends because they're so much easier to get a hold of! GOD HE'S SO BUSY!!! I didnt even get to talk to him at all today! I didnt even see him! So yes. That's that, its settled!!

Or maybe I'll get Izzy to ask him for me...and she would. She's just that way. Maybe I'll ask her sometime. I mean, she sees him more than I do, I'm sure of that.

So yes. Maria is not allowed to quit choir. In her journal she was talking about how Mr. Rives was being a jackass and yelling at her. Its not her fault she's sick!! Gr that just made me mad.

So yeah. I dont have anything else to say, I dont think? And if I do, I'll just say it some other time. Later!


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:: 2003 2 April :: 8.58 pm

Who should I ask to banquet?

How should I know? I dont know who any of these people are!!

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:: 2003 10 March :: 6.43 pm

Haha ok, I know I said I like woohu because its smaller but...I lied. I love you all sooo much but Livejournal is lots of fun, and actually not as slow as I supposed it to be. My name there is Melindy06, so click here to go to it if y'all would care to at all :) I would greatly appreciate it and of course, I'll keep checkin up on you!!

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:: 2003 5 March :: 8.22 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic

Ok, as my best friend, Mia already knows this (at least I hope she does, I just emailed her about it) and so after school today Charlie and I standing there, cracking up at Catherine and David who were just being the cute clowny couple Jason and I were in a way, it was adorable. And so then they leave or whatever, but everyone else still around yeah. So eventually he has to leave, so I do my wave that a save for him personally (hold my hand out and wave) and he grabs my hand and squeezes it and I was just like aaaawwwwww! It was great though lol ok I'm done now. Yeah I think I'm getting on the other computer now either that or doing biology homework lol bye!!!!!

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:: 2003 5 March :: 9.28 am

I talked to Charlie this morning, yes, no surprise there. And I dont know how, but we got into the future and colleges. and all of that great junk. And so I asked him what he was going to do, and he said go to the new school they're opening for farmers around here because that's what he wants to do. And I really think that's cute, although I know he could get a better job than that, but if that's what he wants to do than that's fine. He's still a really sweet guy, and I dont really care what people say about the FFA, because they just dont think about what we would do without our farmers? I'm sure we dont want to turn into one of those countries were our main import is food stuffs. So I think its very admirable of him...yeah....anyway. Got to go, see ya.


P.S. I got contacts last night!! Yay!!! But I couldnt wear them to school today because to get used to them you have to wear them 4 hrs the first day (yesterday), 6 hrs the second (today), then 8 and then 10 and then 12 and then just wear the regularaly. So I can wear them to school tomorrow, so I'll just have to be patient, hm? Yes....patient.....

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