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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2003 at 2:48pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: I can't by Radiohead
Subject: Hope my bro's alright
Sitting here all lonely. I am waiting to find out whats wrong with my brother's foot and if he was faking it. He's in baseball camp and came home yesterday and couldn't put any pressure on is foot...and surprisingly kept the act up until now so I am beginning to think that he might actually be hurt. But if he isn't I am gonna yell at him for making me go get him crap all over the house.

The good thing is that when my parents get back from the sugeon guy's office one of them is taking me to Home Depot to get paint for my room because they match paint to whatever you show them perfectly. That'll be exciting. Tomorrow I am probably gonna start painting and Amy is most likely gonna help beacuse she thinks painting a room looks like fun. Hopefully it will be.

I am burning a cd and wanna do that long survey thing and put it on my journal but am WAY to lazy to do the whole thing at 1 time.

If anyone watches Real World Paris and Road Rules South Pacific comment if you don't mind writing me while I am at sleepaway camp to tell me what is going on. Thanks ya'll. Oh ~ so campy. LOL

Dream of Californication..............
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06-24-03 7:12pm

nooooooo.....please wait until friday...when summer school doesnt exist for a day...i wanna help too...

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Re:, 06-25-03 10:13am

I dunno, we are starting 2 walls today. But if the other 2 existing ones don't look good with the new stuff then I'll call you.

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