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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2003 at 11:14am
Current mood: groggy
Music: Drift Away
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Heehee. So yeah. Day 2 of Maria being gone. I miss her horribly, but its ok. Nic called me Sunday, and then Monday too, but we didnt talk yesterday. He hasnt been online so I'm going to assume his internet is still being really weird. Last night I introduced Jacqui to Tim. Now Jacqui had been hearing me go on and on about Tim for like...ever now. But yeah, they had never talked, and I had really never mentioned Jacqui to Tim. They seemed to hit it off though. I could see things happening in this, but I dont know, whatever. We'll see. So yeah. I'm hanging on I guess. I talked to Josh last night, the poor thing dear, he had football practice yesterday after staying up all night with Mia. He was actually being nice he was so tired. I felt so bad. But he and I actually got along last night. Probably because he and I are kinda in the same boat, ya know, like...we both miss Mia terribly. He cant tell any of that crap to James, I've realized now that James doesnt quite understand any of it. So he seems to talk to me about that kind of stuff, like last night. We both talked about how bored we are without Mia, and how I was going to Jessica's today to get away from this stupid house, but how he was just going to end up staying at home all day. Do you think it would be nice of me to invite him to come...? That never even dawned on me. I dont quite know if he would accept, never know I guess. Maybe I'll ask Jessica about it. The best thing about Josh is that he and I are in the same boat, which is why I feel so bad that he has nothing to do today, because I felt that yesterday and all. Although I dont know, does he still have drivers ed? I'll just have to see. I'll probably never get around to asking him, but I mean...its just a thought. So yeah. That's really the update, nothing eventful.

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