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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2003 at 5:22pm
Current mood: bored
Well I'm sitting here at my computer thinking about all the days in the past when I used to write in this journal a lot(which never was really a lot) and thinking to myself...self, what should I say this time seems how I haven't written in this journal in quite sometime? And it comes to me that I should just write what is on my mind seems how that is the general idea of the site. And here is what is on my mind...not really anything. I've been thinking about how I'm all graduated and stuff and how I will never really see all the people that I know that are still in school. I pity all you poor saps that are still in school LOL!!!!!!! Anyways, I was thinking about how I have to start my life now and get a job or go to college, and it occurred to me; life really is one big continuous cycle that passes on from generation to generation. The same old boredom of getting up for work so that you can feed your family so that your children can grow up to do the same thing that you do everyday. Why can't there be anything new and interesting to add to this cycle??? Any thoughts from you people out there? Anyways, I think that I will be going now but I will try to use this journal more often so that I'm not just taking up space on the site or so that you people who actually read these things can have something new to read. LATER ALL!!!!!
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06-26-03 6:24pm

Actually, that's something that I've seen come up in four of my classes so far in college. Mostly in my education class. It's a question of should teachers be reproducing society, or should they be crating new ideas and trends.

It also comes up in discussions of progressivism and conservatism. In history it's common to see immense amounts of social change and society no being reproduced like past generations, when progressivism is powerful. Just look at the Sixties. This was a vast upheaval in society in all ways. It was also progressive, raising the level of African Americans and other minorities. But then in the 80's and 90's, that same generation has caused a large backwash of conservatism. And now the country seems to be stuck in that rut of simply reproducing society as it exists now without and significant changes.

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11-27-04 9:12pm

I must say, I highly agree with what you said about life being a continuous cycle. It's kind of like a carousel: only the cycle of life doesn't stop.

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