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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2003 at 1:28am
Music: out hud-dad, there's a little phrase called too much information
That song title is too long.

I'm going to shake this down fast.

Noah came over last night, and we watched Back to The Future, This is Spinal Tap, and the Big Lebowski. Good times. Tryed pulling the all nighter, but my sleep cycle had something to say about that.

Tonight I was back at the Garbarinos. Pretty fun night, I'll admit. A little hectic a few moments, but that's what you get with a few kids. I felt bad truly that I didn't talk to the Wellington girls. I know the feeling of being with a lot of strangers and having them not talk to you, which they probably felt, and that feeling sucks. My regards ladies(who aren't reading this.) Oh, and Ben and I had quite the game of Mario Golf. Work on your skills kid; one day you might be more than a total failure at the game. Ouch.

"Hi, I'm Sara, and I'm going to forget the mix cd Drew spent an hour making for me because I yelled at him earlier to make me one. And I'm dumb."

Thursday night. Sushi. Twister. Bop-It. I'll call you.

There ain't no party like a drew-funk party.
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07-14-03 11:44am

you should have talked to the wellington girls, they all think that all of you hate them now :0(

whats bop it?

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Re:, 07-14-03 6:17pm

well, I do seem to be the only one showing regret for not talking to them. That's got to be worth something.

And how could you not remember Bop-It, created by Tiger Electronics in the early-90's. It would say "pull it", and you would pull it. It would say "twist it", and you would twist it. And when it said "bop it", you goddamn would bop it.

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07-14-03 11:55am

good times. bring me the mix cd now.

bye. <3

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07-14-03 1:19pm

"The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don't Want to Hear You Indies Complain" is not only a longer title, but a better one. Out hud is good stuff. I would have thought you would have been able to pull an all-nighter.

Monday night. Bowling with a slight chance of Acoustic Guitars. Good times. I'll call YOU.

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07-15-03 12:01am

drew, forgetting you was the worst mistake ever.
but you kicked my ass at mario golf, and maybe i didnt want to remember that. haha.
and id love to join in on thursday, if you dont hate me, sir.

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07-15-03 11:39am

woo. someone liked us sunday night. :)
and it's alright, i understand that not everyone talked to us. but i promise we're not quiet and boring when you get to know us. really.


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07-15-03 11:49am

yeah its a little weird being thrown into a group of people where no one knows you but at least you liked us =) and don't feel bad! thats a demand not a request =) and i have an extreme bop-it. haha

Melissa (one of the wellington girls)

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07-15-03 12:43pm

dude, bop it rocks my world.
thanks so much for that part about us. we felt weird not knowing anyone. im glad some one understood. and thanks to vivi. :D

<3 katie

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