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:: 2004 31 December :: 10.01 pm


its been entirely too long since i've stepped into the newly "elite" land of woohu. Well Andy, I must say that the place looks good!

To a new year... God help us in what may come.

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:: 2004 16 June :: 7.18 pm

blah.. finally cut my friends list down, getting rid of the people who didn't pay to keep their journals and the people who i have not talked to in over a year. Its funny, it seems as if the only two people who still regularly write in their journals are Lauren and Amanda.

i need college to be here now :0/

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:: 2004 31 May :: 2.58 pm

its funny how time and time again everything repeats itself.

i leave August 17th.

i still feel as if there are some holes that need patching up. things shouldn't ever be left this long unresolved... really, thats how you lose the people that you care about the most.

to end an old life, to start a new.

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:: 2004 14 February :: 11.28 pm

envy me for I have been graced with the Godly sounds of Modest Mouse<3

it was soooooooo wonderful x a bagillion & a half!! Muchas gracias to Josh/Eric/Taylor/everyone else <3<3

got dumped in Miami & did the whole UM honor band thing. It went well I guess besides crappy music and bad players. The other bassoonists were cool (and cute lol) so it was all good. <3s to Chris & Eun Joo who made 2nd and 1st chairs!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Alfred Reed was at our concert tonight!! We all got autographs and pictures, it was obbber cool!

going to Orlando tomorrow. busy. bye.

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:: 2004 12 February :: 3.30 pm

don't we all just LOVE pretentious fucks.

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:: 2004 12 February :: 2.13 pm

Fucking christ.
i come on here for 3 fucking minutes and i swear a bazillion pop ups flashed everywhere. The quicker i Xed them out, the faster they came.

This is ridiculous.

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:: 2004 11 January :: 3.04 pm

i know a lot of you have been inquiring and i really haven't had the time to get back to this so...

yes, i am fine (thank you much) & my poor car has $2400 worth damage to it... seems like the engines fine so thats good.

everything else has been okay, schools been fine.

Wished upon a star?:shooting :0)
Found a lucky penny?:heh the Jew in me I pick up pennies everywhere lol.
Had a dream come true?:dreams are always coming true
Been in love?:still am
Broke someone's heart?:i'm sorry.
Had sex with a stranger?:nope
Been turned on by some one of the same sex?:if by no you mean yes :0P
Skydived?:1 year we're going!!!
Bungee jumped?:i've been on the skycoaster
Snorkeled?:& scuba dived!
Lied to a good friend?::0(
Danced in the rain?:and gone mud sliding <3 Blue Ridge
Had sex on an airplane?:ha. that would be terriby inconvenient
Swam with dolphins?:in Ft.Myers
Donated something?:absolutely
Stolen something?:stupid stuff, not from stores or anything :0P
Made someone cry?:i hate it because i know this is how i feel when someone else makes me cry.
Achieved a goal?:i always find myself suceeding a little more
Made a snowman?:in Switzerland <3
Loved yourself?:yes

Have You Ever... brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2004 6 January :: 4.34 pm

note to self:

crashing the car is a really bad thing. yup. anyone want to give me rides everywhere? (granted i'm not grounded forever.)

grrrr. welcome back to school kids.

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:: 2003 30 December :: 4.00 pm

being 18 rocks.

i'm slowly becoming addicted to scratch off lotto tickets. Poor, Very Poor.

been working like cray-z but gregory works con me so its all gravy.

saw mona lisa smile, i liked much. saw elf con sr. Selinsky, that was fun.

still have 80bazillion people to see and soooo little time :0(

Ms. Jennifer slept over last night, we talked till almost 5 (and i work up at like 2)

ummmm saw my favorite Soy guy & talked Vonnegut (whitney i have to show you the post)

ummmm saw Big Ben & his crazy MIT friends.

Dennys for some raw chicken.

leaving on Jan 1st sooooooo everyone has to hang out before then!

oh yeah... heidi, alex & dom came to visit yesterday <3

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:: 2003 20 December :: 1.01 pm

thank you to everyone who made my birthday wonderful <3<3<3

can't believe i'm 18!!

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:: 2003 4 December :: 10.31 pm

i really hate this feeling.

people are envious of me... i really don't know why.
if people like me, want to be my friend then why do i always feel so alone

i constantly find myself watching friends joking around, making plans... i used to have that.. if this is what everythings being reduced to by growing up then i don't know if i really want to...

16 day. 16 days until i turn 18. thats 2 weeks and 2 days.

i don't know.

i'm a dreamer... i've always held such high hopes and aspirations and .. i don't know.

i can't seem to get excited about anything anymore... is that bad?

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:: 2003 24 November :: 10.59 pm

::15 Random Favorites::
2:Baby Kitty
3:Ms. Princy
5:Princess Sophia
6:Baby Elvis/Whiskers
7:Scardey baby kitty
8:Cindy woo hoo
13:happy faces
14:polka dots
15:happy dances
::14 Favorite Foods::
6:ice cream
8:gummi bears
10:hershey with almonds
12:hard candy
::13 Most Watched Shows::
1:Trading Spaces
2:a dating story
3:a makeover story
4:a wedding story
5:trading spaces family
6:survivor (shut up)
7:the bachelor (shut up again)
8:the nanny
9:gilmore girls
10:queer eye for the straight guy
11:room raiders
12:one tree hill
::12 Good Bands in your Opinion::
1:hot hot heat
2:smashing pumpkins
3:coheed and cambria
5:the postal service
9:bright eyes
10:pretty girl makes graves
11:from autumn to ashes
::11 Memories::
1:show at the factory
2:surprise visits
3:4am visits
4:twins twins twins
5:the "shack"
6:warped tour
7:melting pan. yes. pan
8:frozen pizzas & movies
11:party party party!
::10 Close Friends::
2:Ashy Stockey
3:Bright Lite
5:Kevy Wevy
6:Gregory Luke <3
8:Lo Wang
9:the triangle.
10:Jess/Heidi/Sam/Dave. yes all in one.
::09 Things you're looking forward to::
1:end of school
2:after IB exams
3:after IB
4:end of everything
6:ashleys wedding
8:after tomorrow
9:something cool.
::08 Things you wear daily::
3:heart necklace
4:murano glass star
5:jizz's ring (i try to)
8:pants of some sort
::07 Things That Annoy You::
1:aware ignorant people
2:people who drive slow in the left lane
3:people who don't listen
4:old people on the road
5:jeb bush
6:fucking republicans
::06 Things You Touch Everyday::
1:cell phone
2:car keys
::05 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::
1:empire records
2:vanilla sky
3:being john malkovich
4:dangerous lives of alter boys
5:10 ways to lose a guy
::04 Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys::
1:my little pony
2:talking sesame street characters
::03 People You Have Kissed::
3:Brighton :0P
::02 Of Your Favorite Songs::
1:Smashing Pumpkins version of Landslide
2:Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise
::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With::
1:Princy <3

Countdown brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2003 17 November :: 6.30 pm

whos a baller...
guess who won a $100 gift certificate towards a tattoo.
yup that would be me.

did you know that the Lion King is one of the top 9 most rented VHS's of all time :0)


UF audition was decent.
fingers crossed. necessity. school sucks.
the end.

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:: 2003 11 November :: 5.54 pm

i had an oober good *extended* weekend :0)

man. i sure do hate him and still wish he'd die a slow, torturing death.

anyone? think of someone from the past year of my life (not gregory) who i like ohhh so much.

my twins i highly disapprove.

history internal assessment here i come.

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:: 2003 9 November :: 8.10 pm

okay okay.

~ saw Gregory Luke right after school <3
~ senior recognition night SEE!

~ game vs. Boca we WON! exciting game, 41-37 was the final score, it was supeeerr close. scary.

okay. this is when it begins to suck.
*after the game, Greg and I went to Dennys on Linton & Federal. i ordered a cherry coke and buffalo chicken strips. I get the stuff, cut up a piece, feed it to greg & take a bite myself. I took a bite and was all like "man, this doesn't have the same consistancy of chicken" I begin to analyze the chicken only to find that its completely raw! i spit it out and got the waiter. He went to take it back or whatever and I told Greg i wasn't in the mood for chicken anymore so he went and told the guy to get us a caramel apple crisp. It was okay. the guy brought our check and what they did was subtracted the apple crisp from the price of the chicken (which was more then the crisp was alone) and i was like "wtf." wouldn't you think that i should get it for free i mean they tried to kill me w/salmanila for Gods sake. So i ask to see the manager and hes a total douche bag and this fucking big ass black bitch next to me is all obnoxious so greg was all pissed off and was like "fuck it, lets go" and we just walked out. ANGRY!
will never go back to dennys on Federal & Linton or Federal & Woolbright ever again.

ummmm woke up around 10, ate breakfast, practiced bassoon & went over to Gregs.
We made cookies & chilled. Went to the mall & he got a haircut (its okay... a little short for my taste but its all Elvis-y now.) Went to Petsmart and saw kitties for adoption, got bitched out by the lady "young adopters are the worst, they have babies and return the cats". alright. um. gregs dad made an oober good meal & we just chilled. I ended up staying the night so that was cool.

oh man. we went to see TIMB at One Cup at a Time last night! it rocked. It was some girls sweet 16 so it was kinda improv like a jam session but mad props to us!! MINI BLUM was there! that made me mucho happy :0)

woke up early & stared at Gregory sleep kissing him all over till he woke up. went to church con his padres & his dad made us kick ass pancakes. after church we hit up the boynton ale house and greg lost $10 in pool. oh. and his removed uncles girlfriend (ditzy blonde bitch) said that i looked like i was 12. i wanted to tell her to eat shit and dig her stupid blonde head up her ass. went back to his house, watched tv and his dad made kick ass home made pepperoni balls and pizza. i went home then.

gregorys coming over in a couple hours to bring me cake :0) thats all for now.

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