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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2004 at 3:30pm
don't we all just LOVE pretentious fucks.
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02-13-04 12:37am

Don't we all just fuck pretentious loves.

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02-13-04 8:13am

I do, I do!!!

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02-13-04 4:25pm

wtf. if ur refering to me.. im sorry for ending something that wasn't working for me. i dont c why its so fucking hard for every1 to understand. if it doesnt work..after seriously giving it ur best shot...then wtf am u supposed 2 do? tell me all u so god dam perfect people. il just bite my tongue now before i say something il regret

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Re:, 02-13-04 5:22pm

I don't think she was referring to you. The only reason I can't understand it is because you didn't act like it wasn't working. You acted like you were happy and really liked me and had no intentions of dumping me. And that was unfair and cruel, not pretentious.

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Re:, 02-14-04 11:28pm

shes right.. that wasn't for you. but i ditto on her comment.

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Re:, 02-14-04 11:58pm

I believe it was meant for me. I laughed at it, and right on BROTHER:
"all u so god dam perfect people"

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