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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 6-16-2004 at 7:18pm
blah.. finally cut my friends list down, getting rid of the people who didn't pay to keep their journals and the people who i have not talked to in over a year. Its funny, it seems as if the only two people who still regularly write in their journals are Lauren and Amanda.

i need college to be here now :0/
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06-17-04 12:32am

Ohh, I feel special. ; )

I think maybe the other people have found lives or something... must work on that...

Keep us filled in on the college scene, Vivi, and come visit us in person too- after college finally IS here. ^_^

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06-19-04 10:38pm

Yay, I'm special too!

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06-22-04 11:13pm

i like your icon thingy <3

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06-26-04 5:02pm

i wish i had kept my money. woohu sucks

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07-01-04 8:30pm

Did you get your teeth filed with a machete and a rock? It's so sexie I want to kiss you a million times until my tongue bleeds like a banana leaf.

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10-10-05 9:52pm

i update refularly!

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