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04-22-2002 07:42pm

never understood these guestbook things...

...especially in a website whose primary purpose is to write stuff for other people to read... what i have to say is... earthshattered, so tumultuous, so incredibly important...

...something i've thought about night and day, so philosophical, so mind racking...

...and here is my thought...

...why do hot dogs come in pacages of 10 when hot dog buns come in packages of 8?



07-01-2002 06:01am

Hi. I listen to emo music as well. I'm new to this woohu journal. I just crossed over from having a Live Journal. You're cool. Let's be friends. =)


08-12-2002 11:34pm

You are the coolest person in the world!




01-26-2003 01:29am

I'm not the only person to type in the guestbook this time. Um...think of something witty to say...uhh...
Vote for Atman in 2008!


08-22-2003 12:28am

heyy. added you as a friend, hope you can return the favor.

your local emokid, stacy.

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