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toki (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2003 at 4:24pm
Current mood: okay
Music: Grande Polonaise Brillante Proceder An Andante Spianato Op. 22(from The Pianist..good movie)
Subject: American English!
I'm gonna go see the Beatles coverband thingie tonight! Weee! With Jorie....Yep yep. Cept it's all thunderie now....GASP! O NO! IT CAN'T RAIN! ::sob::
Ok, I'm better. Lol. Kinda madish though. Long story. But yes...grrrr.
Wow, I forgot I still had thispoem on could ahve sworn I deleted it, I wrote it like two years ago and for a school project, so it was never meant to be good. Cuz all teachers care about is that its done..and wow listen to this review this one person just did for it like two mins ago....
"umm... in bad not good(fyi) not all poems haveta rhyme you made it to be have no right to be writing ... you make all of us(whom are writers, real writers) be in disbelief that you can think you have talent, theres nothing there but words. anyone can put words down on paper, but it takes a real writer to put feelings and meaning into the words even it those words are made up... you have no potential in writing... please in the sake of the future find a new hobby. oh p.s. its called a disclaimer not an authers note Ultimate Fan"
So everyone, go to and find this girl's work and totally bash it. She deserves it. I mean, she didn't even look at the date it was posted...Grrr neways....Evil people....I'm leaving now. Shower time. Byeness!
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07-22-03 2:08am

American English Night was so awesome!!! OMG!!! it was one of the best nights ever, if not the best night ever wooo i wish i could live it all over again! WOOO Were going next year too! definatly!!! wooo im already excited. You think we can make it rain that day? if not we should get wet and muddy anyway...
Heart Jillian

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Re:, 07-22-03 12:15pm

Hehe! Yeah! We'll just walk in with big buckets of water...they'll never notice...doo dooo doooo...Yeah, sorry about last night, my computer freezeded aol then it started freaking out and now it doesn't work, so I'm on my mommy's computer with the broken space yeah...tell me how it went.....~<3~ Patricia

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