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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2003 at 2:01pm
Current mood: flustered
Music: Something by Mandy Moore (visiting the website)
Maria comes back in 4 days, including today. She was going to come back on the 23rd, but she called me a few days ago and told me she's actually going to be back the 22nd. Yay! That means I have to get my room done soon. I painted it green and stuff, its pretty cool. I'll get a picture up sometime, but not til Tim gets home from France and even then I dont want to be like "Hey, Tim, how was France? Want to put this picture on your site so I can put it in my journal for me?" I mean what kind of greeting would that be? And 2 days after he gets back, he's going on some family trip. I see enough of my family as it is, so I'm glad that the only trip we took this year I wasnt rooming with them and got to run around on my own most of the time. Nic leaves for his cruise on Sunday. So sad. I'd get together with him today, but Melissa invited me to the mall and to see a movie and stuff, and I already told her yes, and I'm doing laundry, so unless he comes over here for a few hours and then leaves, I wont see him today. I already called him and he didnt answer anyway, so yeah. I'll see what he's doing tomorrow, but surely he'll be busy packing. Sigh. Oh well. My room isnt done yet anyway. Melissa came over last night for a few hours. We watched TV, ate Taco Bell, picked on Greg (we made him dress up in one of my old pink dresses for 50 cents), and talked and yeah. It was interesting. She's cool. We're going to see How to Deal tonight. I dont think most of my other friends are going to want to see that, but Melissa does. or at least, she doesnt mind, so we're going to go. Which means I will be getting back late tonight, but that's fine. Anyway, mom calling, bye.

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