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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2003 at 12:15am
Current mood: good
Haha I stole Nic's babysitting job. It wasnt really my fault, mom was the one who got it for me. See, he babysits Tracy Wilson's kids. Tracy is the ASL teacher at Grapevine, and she and mom are friends and all. About 2 nights ago they went out, and since Nic was out of town, she had to drive to Euless and back to pick up the babysitter. Well, that took her hour or so. And then she had to drive back here and pick up Mom! So anyway, they're going out again on the 5th and instead of her getting that babysitter in Euless again (which she really wouldnt have to do, since Nic gets back from his cruise today), Mom told her to just bring her kids with her over here and I'll watch them. See, sometimes kids bother me, partly because they dont act like Greg. When I babysit Greg, he sits on his butt in the play room on his video games or on the computer, while I'm on the computer or watching TV or whatever. The most I have to do is make him dinner. So when I watch other people's kids, it frustrates me how much more attention they need. At least, compared to Greg. Greg takes care of himself because we taught him to. Kinda the way my parents taught me. Then again, I think it was AJ who taught us. Before Greg was born, he would bully me. Which kept me humble and taught me when to complain and when not to (after being told to quit taddling all the time). And now he's done that to Greg too. So I dont know. I guess it was AJ who got us this way. Maybe its a good thing, maybe not. Oh well, whatever. I'm done, just had to write something and that was what came to mind.

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