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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2003 at 8:39pm
Music: The Juliana Theory - To The Tune of 5,000 Screaming Children
Subject: The girl who grew up to be a tv, and was scared of the world...
Dear Mr. J,

In mocking girl's voice:
"You should talk to me or I'm going to get mad."

So, work sucks. There I said it.
Everyone who works there is either twenty one or way older. And, since I hate working there, the access, undirected hostility goes to my co-workers.
I typed a whole, very pretentious profile of all those bastards. Due to post preduction costs, the segment will be cut.

I should probably call all those people I knew in Cedar and apologize for just disappearing. I get the distinct feeling that none of them really give a fuck. So, I'm not going to waste the money...This includes my mom.

I don't know, I guess I dwell in the past to much.

Well, that's all I can think of for the moment journal.
You take it easy. You crazy bastard.
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08-11-03 11:09pm

hey you fuck.

sorry we never got together

i'd try and make a date, but i'm gonna be super busy until november or so

maybe if you get the chance we could get together or something.

but it's unlikely
for awhile at least

stay cool. make work fun.

just fuck with it.

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Re:, 08-12-03 12:33am

*In mock italian voice* Ah, it's all about the respect, boy. You gotta respect the work.

Yeah, it's not to bad.

We should get to get together, fuck face.

And, whose my sunshine?

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Re: Re:, 08-12-03 7:48pm

i am!

and if i get cut from soccer, i'll have some free time. but i also want to make the team.

i figure either way it's a mixed blessing.

i'll keep you posted (get it, post....ahh) as to what my availability is. and lots depends on car priveleges as well.

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