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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2003 at 12:15am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: victory music in my head
my dad just called right now...for the first fucking time he was actually gonna take me to see a new movie today...JEEPERS CREEPERS 2...even though i wanted to go see it so badly there really is no point...i'd rather see it with friends...dude, & all this time i've wanted to see SWAT & a bunch of other new movies...but no...he went to take his gf he's all alone & has no one to watch them with...i was so eager to say yes...but fuck that shit...aint no way in hell i'm gonna see that movie with him today...waste of my time...maybe my other friends that actually care about me would want to go see it instead of some "dad" who doesn't spend time with his own fucking flesh & blood taking me...whatever...

i'm better off alone...raul..."don't want your hand this time..."...
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08-31-03 9:31pm

Sounds like your dad and you ahve some problems. I have the same problem with my dad. He wrote me a letter and said he didn't want me and now cuz he's lost everything, he suddenly wants everything to do with me. You did good telling him no. I hope things get better for ya soon thou.

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08-31-03 9:59pm

hey i'm glad you agree...thanx for the later.

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