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kate (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2003 at 8:26pm
Subject: Lament
He watched the water drip
Damning the leaky faucet
Picking up an old magazine
Only to toss it

Sat back on the couch
Fidling with a dime
Sank in the memories
Of a long lost time

He flipped the coin
Mentally making a game
Heads, she comes back
Tails, all stays the same

Twirling in the air
A blur to what side shall land
Then there it lays
Tails face up in his hand
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09-04-03 9:01pm

I LIKE IT!!! I wish I could write that good. Your writing skills make me happy. I always enjoy reading your keep on truckin'! wait i mean uh....writin'!

Doesn't have that ring to it..ah well.

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achem, 09-04-03 9:27pm

i like it.

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09-05-03 6:33am

I like it also...very impressive. :)

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09-05-03 3:57pm

Um... me too! YAY

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Re:, 09-21-03 1:08am

very good, I like it as well.

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