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Toki (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2003 at 12:41am
Current mood: Wooooish!
Music: Nada`
Subject: Fun
Haha, yes, mucho fun tonight. So....we decided to go to the dance (AJ, Mel, Jill, and Lisa, and Me) Cuz Sandy wanted us we got bored and peft like 2 hours early and went to Wender's house. Well....let's just say it wasn't much better then the dance so we snuck out(lol) to Aj's house (Me, mel, jill, and AJ) and then we went to the park and cartwheeled and danced and spun and WOOO! Then we talked about guys and Spencer and Zak...cuz they're confuzzling people.. and a bunch of other stuff and it was fun. Then my daddy called and was all GRRRR so we went back to AJ's and we drove Mel home, but we still had like 10ish mins so we decided to go to ....Wendy's!! And we saw Brittany and some pples walking through the drive through and we did...but we had to wait for all the damn cars to pass...but anyways, it was fun. AJ and me decided all guys are stupid and jerks....yep...the nice ones just try to hide it a little longer. And the only reason why you marry someone is that you've been through so many relationships that you don't make the mistakes you made before so you think..."hmmm.....this must be love...we haven't tried to kill each other yet.." wooo fun weekend. Endless train of thought I know. I'm going to a Carmel play tomorrow...Memories...Did you know that was Zak's and mine's first "date" (if you can call it that...) AHHH! Stop the weirdness. Lol. GAH.....jackie says GAH makes it all better so I'm gonna listen to her..soooo GAH! Oooo and I'm a band whore. Neil's my pimp. Just so you know :-) Lol! Sorry, but I need shleep...cya later!
~Toki...the band whore
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09-07-03 12:57am

yea! my fellow band whore!!! we rule and neil will always be our pimp LOL o god this is so bad lol u know...neil being a pimp and us being his whores

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Re:, 09-07-03 6:39pm

Yeah for being whores! But where was our pipm when he was supposed to be protecting us last night... after all that is his job! we pay him for everything else!

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