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spud (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2002 at 2:28pm
i'm hoping this works right. anonymous has been on my friends list for ages. now it's a community. i so have to become a part of this.
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09-02-02 6:48pm

communities don't show up in the friends pages anymore for some reason.. I have to look into it.

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Re:, 09-03-02 11:00pm

the member of the community who entered the comment has to be your friend. because anonymous is still on my friends list, but it didn't show up for me. i'm on your friends list, so it showed up under spud. maybe i should be my own friend now.

hee. it would make things easier.

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09-02-02 7:05pm

wait wait! this entry showed up on my friends page.. ahhh..

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