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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2003 at 7:34pm
Current mood: depressed
hello.... wat is up??? nothin here.. just sittin here. today i went shopping and got something fer erica... i found out that i was going to go Major christmas shopping for peeps, so i am looking forward to that. whoopy!... -eh-

i was once told that it is better to have loved, than to have not loved at all.
but why??? i mean... loving leaves your heart crying and torn. if you dont love at all you can still flirt and have infatuations... right? wouldnt ppl much rather have that?
unless... EVERYBODY was guaranteed to be loved back by the person that they loved...

and then love is very confusing as i have just showed you... so wats the use.
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09-14-03 1:24pm

i totally is like a razor it leaves ur soul to bleed..i dont know why they say its good to love cuz belive me it aint..but then again ive once again found someone and this person ive known since 6th grade and i really do love this person .he means the world to me and i would give up anything to be with him what we have goes way beyond friends and i just..i agree lol

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Re:, 09-14-03 9:03pm

i am glad that you agree

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Re: Re:, 09-15-03 4:59pm

yeah..i do

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09-15-03 8:04pm

love sometimes is very confusing but in the end it can turn out wounderful and when you find someone that you know you can trust and know loves you back it is a great think but sometimes it takes a long time to find it and sometimes its right next to you and you dont know it but remember that love comes in all shaps ways and forms and sometimes it takes a while(but i think i found it)

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09-15-03 8:24pm

yeah love does feel good at first but then when you least expect it it bits you right in the ass...

good god

but yeah any ways...andrea...when you go shoppin dont forget a certain red head.....**points to self and jumps up and down yellin "ME! ME! ME!"** lol...

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Re:, 09-16-03 9:39pm

dont worry chel... i already got an idea from erica. :)

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