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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 9-14-2003 at 3:23pm
hes gone again :0(

I guess I really have no reason to be sad because I'm really lucky I get to see him so often and we had an amazing weekend.

Him staying over was the best idea we've ever had :0) i woke up Sat morning to him just staring at me... kinda creepy but ultra soothing too. We took a crazy long nap yesterday and watched One Flew ove the Cukoos nest. Last night I awoke to Greg laying on my arm and VERY loud purring.. my kitty was sitting smack on my stomach and chest, it was a very weird thing to wake up to but kinda funny. I tried to wake Greg up but he was all sleepy. shame. I got to see him after my class this morning. I miss him already :0(

BUT! I get to go to Gainesville on Thurs so that'll be nice :0)

oh yeah. We lost Fri night vs. Glades Central. (46-27 i think) it was... sad. I was kinda out of it Fri night.. I went wake/kneeboarding & tubing with Paul and Matt before the game. Sun exhaustion + crazy bruises EVERYWHERE! + no water or food = very worn out Vivi ... although i'm all in pain and stuff it was really fun. (<3s for Pauly & Matthew.)

I have a spanish oral tomorrow. I don't know ANY SPANISH!!!!!

i have to go to work in like 10min. This sucks.
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09-16-03 10:21pm

i am completely and utterly jealous of your parental policy.

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Re:, 09-17-03 4:30pm

haha i bet :0P

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