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ducky (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2003 at 5:47pm
Subject: adventure!
SOMEHOW i have no idea how the how..but somehow a turtle got into our
thats really weird cuz we have a lania ((screen around our pool)) but anywho
so me and my mom r runnin around tryin to caTch tha lil basterd (who by the way is freakin fast!!) wit our skimmer..which fell apart 2wice.n we finally got it and it kept jumpin off but then we finally got it to hold still n then i fell backwards into tha pool and scraped my hip on the cement and have a huge skrap which burns like hell..n then we put it bak in tha canel n wen we got bak tot ha house we relise we left tha lanai door open and Coco (our dog) had ran off..she runs off everytime u look away i sware she LOVES to run but shell run around n get sooo muddy and end up gettin lost cuz she kan run for like 10 milez without gettin then me n mah mom go in tha kar to look for her and i see her hotel behind all tha billion hou$e$ n so were like drivin back and forth kallin her name...n we culdnt find her again so we go back home and there coco waitin for us to get bak and she never even left..she wuz sittin bhind tha coach tha hole time...ahhahaha and im still all wet n mah hip is cut open and so me and mah mom r jus laughin at our selves =oD it wuz funny =P
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ahaha, 09-15-03 6:35pm

Wow dat sounds like a GREAT day! :-p hehehe neways jus wanted to say hey if i dont get to talk to you t nite...luv u lots bye!

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