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wafflehouse (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2002 at 8:58pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Bon Jovi - Dead Or Alive
Subject: Brain overload
I have noticed lately that my memory has been failing me. I don't know what it's from...boxing, maybe, but doubtful, stress (mostly of the opposite sex), more that likely...but it's starting to get in the way. Went to the Leonard St. gym tonight. Sparred a kid named Pete...god is he fast. But I screwed up my elbow last week and it kept me from throwing my right hand. I'm not even sure if I want to fight anymore. Yeah, it gets you in shape...great shape...but I'm not the biggest fan of being hit in the head over and over again. Now back to females...there is a gorgeous girl that I have class with. She is incredible. Beautiful, smart, funny...a little odd...but now she has a bf. I wanted to ask her on a date, but I missed my chance, and I'm pissed at myself for it. The day I went to ask her on a date, I see her walk by w/ her about a slap in the face...oh's my own fault...Then there's another girl. Love her to death. Been close friends all of high school, and then she breaks my heart. We're talking again, but I don't know if our relationship will ever be the same. But we're working on it, and hopefully everything will turn out for the better. All of my friends think I'm nuts for being her friend again, but I tried that and it was very hard to see her and not talk to her. And, if she ever reads this, sorry about everything when we got was an attempt to get you to say something to me. Anyway...I think I've done enough venting for now...tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel...
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03-05-02 9:49pm

Well, shit you know me and women. I know about as much as you do. Women are made to pleasure and then kill. That is my own little analogy of women. But anyways yeah I have been in the same spot with the going to ask and then seeing them with their b/f. Been there,done that,kicked my own ass. That's the way that it works I guess. Oh well. I would have to say if you like to box then keep at it if you are tired of then I would say keep at it for a little while just to make sure that this isn't just a dry spell because no matter what it is that you do you will get dry spells where you just want to hang it up. I know that I have been there and kick myself in the ass a lot about it. Oh well, I'm out because this looks like another journal entry and if I wanted to do that then I would go write in my own. Later!

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Thanks, 03-05-02 10:00pm

Dude, you kick ass. You have helped me through some nasty shit in the past couple months. I appreciate it, really I do. Anyway, I'm talking to you online right this seems pretty pointless...peace

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