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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 9-16-2003 at 4:24pm
ei ei, so i believe ive figured this out. happy occasion, no? well. i figure i better do an openin speil. mmmm yes.

i maded this community for persons of rockford (ockfod), .. and friends. cus yeah theres a lot of ppl on this site from round here. yes.

oh and, i wont be using my personal journaly thing because i have one on, and i use that one. but dont ask for linkage cus its private. heh, ya'll dont know exactly how crazy i am :)

so yes, frolick in joyful happiness.
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09-16-03 5:06pm

*frolicking* yay!

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09-16-03 5:25pm

*looks around*
I do believe this could be fun.

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