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:: 2009 11 June :: 12.50 pm

Hey kids. I'm in CA. On my way back to MI. Be there in a month or so.


:: 2007 10 September :: 11.23 am

Man, doctor visits and meds are really expensive if you don't have insurance : ( Also, I got offered a jorb at hope network but its only part time. Bah. I need money.

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:: 2007 6 September :: 9.23 pm

I got a backpack today. I mean the travelin' kind. Most of my shit's in it, and it's taking all my determination not to throw the rest in and walk out the door. That is all.

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:: 2007 6 September :: 10.52 am
:: Mood: pissed off

Hey guess what kids I got fired cause my (former) boss is a fucking idiot. See they give us these time cards to punch in and out and the other day she was asking me where I got mine from and I was like "what are you talking about thats the one you gave me" and she was all "well, when you punch in someone else's name comes up" and I was all "well I don't know why that would be but it's not my fault cause you gave me that card." And then got all pissy and was like "Well I wouldn't give you someone else's card and blah blah blah" And we went back and forth like that for awhile. So then I went to work yesterday. And after standing around for 1/2 hour cause I hadn't been assigned a job anywhere yet my boss tells me I'm fired cause of the time card thing. Yeah. Sooooo pretty much I got treated like shit for a week and chewed up and spit back out for something that I had NOTHING TO DO WITH. I called my temp service and told them what happened but I pretty much have no rights and no recourse cause I'm a temp. Don't you tell me capitalism doesn't suck.

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:: 2007 3 September :: 6.15 pm

So I just applied to go live on a bus and plant trees and teach kids about loving the earth. It's going down next spring. Here's the site:

I am crossing my fingers really really hard.

You know, if my stupid job is gonna make me stay up all night, they need to actually provide work so I can get paid. I'm sure as hell not doing this for my health. Cause that's starting to go down the tubes on account of I can't hang with these hours very well.

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:: 2007 2 September :: 4.53 am

So I went to sleep at 10 last night and only meant to sleep for a few hours, cause thats how I sleep on this fucked up schedule. But I just woke up a couple minutes ago. Which means I fucked up my already fucked schedule. Dammit! I hate working 3rd shift.


:: 2007 29 August :: 4.59 pm

So I started a new job yesterday and it sucks GIANT DONKEY NARDS!!!! Man what I wouldn't do for a job that doesn't blow. Or to not need to have a job. And yes, it does suck and blow simultaneously. I work in a factory packing boxes all day. Or all night I should say. It's 3rd shift which makes it even suckier. So now my sleep pattern's all fucked up. I'm going on 2 hours of sleep today because I passed out as soon as I got home but then I had to get up and try and find a job that sucks less. And then after that I couldn't go back to sleep. So hopefully I can before I have to go back to work.

However, it won't be too much longer before I can get the hell out of here.


:: 2007 28 August :: 10.33 am

I got published. Sort of. It's a paper I wrote for an english class and some other people liked it apparently. Here's the link if anyone's interested.

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:: 2007 24 August :: 6.18 pm

Man, I really don't know if I can do this whole knife selling thing. I'm supposed to set up at least 6 appointments tonight and that alone seems insurmountable. Being that I've already called 4 people and no one picked up. Let alone actually selling anything. I'm really tempted to just say fuck it but I need the money real bad. Fuck! I should just start hanging out downtown and busking.


:: 2007 23 August :: 11.11 pm

We lost our power yesterday. But obviously, its back on now. Had my first day of knife-selling training today. It was quite dull (pun intended). Also, if any of y'alls parents want to buy some high quality knives (or are at least willing to sit thru my spiel) please let me know. It would make me very happy.


:: 2007 21 August :: 1.30 pm
:: Music: Nobody's Loss- Widespread Panic

So. Not much is new here. Still looking for yet another job. Well I sort of have one, but it is TOTALLY LAME (selling knives, I shit you not). But I am hoping to find another one so I can quit it before I have to subject myself to 3 days of unpaid training. In business casual attire. Gah, I can't wait till I have enough to get that stupid car fixed so I can get out of here. I am so incredibley bored. And yeah I know you're only bored if you're boring but I am getting a seriously bad case of cabin fever. I'm actually sort of somewhat jealous of all y'alls going back to school, as fucked up as that is. But pretty soon you all will be jealous of me. Probably. I mean as much as you can be jealous of someone who sleeps in a tent most of the time and works on farms for free. But that's not the point. I'm actually not sure what the point is, but anyway.....

So are there any menfolk out there who would like to visit Kyle with me? Cause apparently I can't go by myself. Pretty please? Anyway let me know.

[edit 8:06]
FUCK! The Hidden Hand broke up. They were only one of the best bands ever. I will say it again. FUCK!

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:: 2007 9 August :: 8.05 pm

Who is interested in visiting Kyle this month? I am for sure going to visit but my plans may be revised if others are interested in joining this journey. If a lot of ppls want to go we could probably take my fucked up but still functional minivan. If no one else is I might just drive anyway or hitch. Haven't decided yet. Anyway let me know if this is of interest to you.

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:: 2007 20 July :: 9.57 pm

Soooo I am home from camp for awhile. There are only 2 weeks left and they need staff so I'm going to stay and help out for the rest of the year. Other than that not much is new. Ummmm my dear friend Duke Greene is playing in Rockford in a few weeks I believe, you should all go see him. I will tell you when when I find out. Yeah.


:: 2007 10 July :: 12.33 am

Hi folks. Hope everyone is doing well. I am back to looking for a job that I will work for less than a week, because next week I get to work at camp. Yay. But only for a week, and then I will be back to the lame temp jobs. There needs to be a synonym for week, because I said it way too much in those last few sentences. I guess "half a fortnight" would work but probably no one would know what the fuck I was talking about. So I guess it really wouldn't work. As you can probly tell I've got some time on my hands this half a fortnight so if anyone is bored give me a call. Or don't. See if I care.

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:: 2007 26 June :: 12.34 am

I quit my job today. I am excited. I'll still be working there till wensday, and then thursday I am going with the fam to WI. Should be a good time, provided I survive the car ride.

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