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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2003 at 7:19pm
Current mood: Horrible
Music: I'm just a Girl | No Doubt
Subject: I'm just a GIRL, so pretty and petite..
-sniffles- Oi minna-san. I've been sick for over a week.. Everyone at school is sick which means this cold won't go away for a while. -_-; Joy. This is the first time I've been online since.. Monday? .. I've been coming straight home and taking a nap.. Of course I can't take small naps, so I wake up, eat dinner, and then it's time for an hour or two of homework.. So I've had almost no free time. Well, tomorrows Friday. Yay! .. But once again I won't have any time to myself this weekend. -sighs- I'm going straight from school tomorrow to my best friend's, Amanda, house.. And from there we are going out of town, to Cherry Creek for the weekend.. Which means a four or five hour drive. BUT, they have the Anime Network there!! ^^!! -fangirl squeal- So we'll be watching anime all night.. Then we'll be going out on the ATV's I believe.. So yeah.. Then more anime, and then home.. So I'll be back Saturday night, but hey. My weekend is pretty much planned. o.o; Anywho. Wee, having slaves is great.. x3 .. Comic-con is coming! Yay. It's the closest to an Anime Convention Las Vegas will ever get at this rate. -_-; .. -sighs- .. but me and my friends are all planning on forming a big group and going together. ^^ It's going to be so much fun. Alright. Enough ramblings from me.. -.o Now I have to try and continue to figure out how at add friends. -feels so stupid- Help would be nice. >>; .. *coughs*..
Ja mata ne minna-san, with love.


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*snicker*, 09-19-03 2:20am

Wai o.o; Hope that cold goes away ._.; Gets annoying sooner or later XD

O_O!! Anime network! Lucky biatch XD *sniff*

Wow, I never have my weekends planned XD I just live out my weekend ((Did that even make sense? Oo))

Adding friends is easy baka XD Click on their profile and at the top of their profile it says "[ add friend | memories | guestbook ]" Clik on "add friend" =D

I shall add you now *click* lol

Later =D

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Wah.. Anime Network!!, 09-20-03 3:38pm

I was going to have a Gundam Wing marathon with some friends (friend has all the episodes ^^), but then we were kicked out of the house. So we went to the bookstore and read manga all day (yay!)

Silly... just go to the person's profile and click add! Or.. read the previous comment XD Will add you ASAP as well!

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