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kate (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2003 at 9:30pm
Kill me. Murder me. Shoot me 5 times through the heart and head. Stab me a million times in each place. Wrap a rope tight around my neck and hang me from the highest pole letting my mouth and eyes lag. Drown me until my skin is soft and white and leave me at the bottom of an endless ocean of my own teenage pain. I don't care how it's done, but death is a necessity. Kill me. Living isn't worth it anymore.

And I'm serious.
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09-18-03 9:36pm

kate wahts wrong? *hugs*

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09-18-03 9:49pm

I love you Kate, ull get through w/e this is about, ur strong. I live for my friends and ur one of my best. *hugs*

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Re:, 09-18-03 9:52pm

Hey Kate.. I think we should talk...

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09-18-03 9:52pm

kate...sit down and stop freakin...

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09-18-03 10:13pm

if you need to talk just say so

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no no no.., 09-18-03 11:17pm

Kate.. Death is not a necessity.. and it is not the way out.. you know that just as well as i do.. so dont even say that.. you have more to live for than you know.. everyone does.. so dont give up.. keep going and pushing forward for yourself and the ones who love you..


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Re: no no no.., 09-19-03 3:06pm

Don't worry Chris. I'm not suicidal, just welcome to anyone else who'd like to kill me.

I know I have people to live for, but they're getting taken away from me. without them... nothing's worth living for.

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Re: no no no.., 09-19-03 7:27pm


" Death is not a necessity"

Yes it is
Everyone has to die some time.

kate cheer up, you can't possiably feel as low as i

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09-19-03 6:37am

kate...I love you. and so many people care about you. you know that. if you ever need to talk to me, please just do. im here. i always will be.

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09-19-03 2:55pm

Sometimes I can relate... and some people just don't understand when you really need them to huh? I'm here... talk to me!

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09-19-03 9:54pm

i love you as well kate, you've become a close friend and i would hate to not have you around.


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