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ducky (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2003 at 1:34am
15 thing people don't know about me...

1. My best friend is Jill(ane) Elizabeth Dahms
2. I dont like to play basketball. anymore.
3. I care about what people think of me.
4. I LOVE food!
5. I love talking on the phone, xspecially with Jill.
6. I have no idea what im gonna do with my life, but ive always wanted to be a vetrenarian maybe something to do with monkeys..or a surfer...thas all i no
7. i also HATE SCIENCE ! n all my science teachers !
8. I love stuffed animals. monkeys ex. but really any kinda stuffed animals. i love blankets to..i kant sleep wit jus a bedspread i havta have a blankey :o)
9. I really want to win one of those best things. alot. but i wont.
10. I cry. alot. not about things most people would cry about. but little thing that really dont matter.
11. I hate spanish.
12. I love teeny my baby punkins n my baby monkey!!
13. I dont like myself.
14. Sometimes, i do.
15. one gonna be somebody
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Im not droppin you but..., 09-21-03 2:03am

Well lets see here i could pull out a few of those and tell u how much of a lie they r but i wont lol...but i jus wanna know why u care bout wat others think? and like why u wanna win one of those best things when u know dat thier jus like a popularity contest thingy! Or r u tryin to be MORE popular den u already r...and another thing wat kind of things do u cry bout, u dont have to tell me tho...its okay if u dont..

And one day some day like t day! ur r somebody already babe! Ur my best friend, and da best person in da whole world, and i couldnt luv u more!

Ya nkow how u always read in like those chicken soup books n everything bout all these friends dat like changed da others life n everything and u never thought dat u would ever have a friend dat great, well ur one of those kind of friends, someone who comes into others lives and either stays lives and weather u stay forever or not is not da point, but da point is dat while ur friends wit someon u change em brittany, u make em a better person, u inspire em to do things dat they never thought were possible...ur sucha great friend and im so happy dat i met you! i luv u so friggin much never forget dat!

love always,
Ur best friend,

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