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DuCkY (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2003 at 8:24am
I <3 Em..shes awsome n me n her r really tight this year..and she wants me to hook her up with kev cuz she knows i understand not to involve tha whole world and bcuz i know him really well..and no wut he likes n krap....and im sooo xscited for it becuz i love hookin ppl up!! its sOOo much fun :o) n i want em to b happy cz she hasnt liked n e one in a while :o/

if only it was anyone but the one guy im soposed to be with....
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09-24-03 2:58pm

Awwe man, dats gotta suck real bad babe, i know how ya feel tho, n if u wanna talk bout it den IM HERE FO YOU! :-p heh luv u lots latah

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