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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2003 at 1:34pm
So yeah, last night I was over at Jackie's and we both sorta fell asleep until around 3:30. Apparently my mom is ultra-paranoid and called about 10 minutes later. I get home and find out she thinks that I have no control over myself and that I'm having sex. I was so pissed at her. I may be a guy but that doesn't mean that I have no control. Grr... Oh well. It still doesn't make waking up next to Jackie any less amazing.
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09-27-03 5:36pm

You're mom is just funny...oh and tell her that I now think she doesn't like me and she would think I have the morals to have sex without being married to you. Because I wouldn't do that, and you and I both know it!

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Re:, 09-27-03 11:31pm

I know. I don't know what's up with her lately but she's seriously pissing me off. Oh well, hopefully next year I'll have my own place then I won't have to deal with her again.

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09-27-03 8:44pm

Heh, I know that feeling......

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