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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2003 at 9:11pm
Music: Hey Ya by Outkast
Subject: I love 80's movies
Today is finally over. I went to temple and had my entire family over for dinner. I was the best jew ever today! Jessica gave met he belt she made me at temple today. It's awesome, polka dots and it ties! Oh man, gotta love it!

My family was ok, they were annoying though, like my aunt was on the computer adn was doing sometihing wrong, or it was goin slow, or something and she swas like this computer is a piece of shit, I ws like WTF it's my computer you should be grateful that we're letting you use it!

I heard last ngiht at City Place was fun, but I didn't miss much, I'm kinda happy about that, I wanetd to go bad. I was tralking to Danielle today and we were talking aobut incest, oh man we're the EXACT same when it comeds to that subject.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna spend the day being kinda lonely. I don't really feel like being with anyone, just gonna do homework, go to the library, rent Monty Python, just hang out. Anyone's more than welcome to call me though, just to chat. Well I'm gonna go watch The Breakfast Club, what? I've watched it 5 times in the past week?
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09-28-03 2:33pm

hehe... incest. =)

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