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ducky (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2003 at 8:05am
`Stephanie got into a fight today. its all ANYONE could talk about. She beat brittany detricks ass GO STEPH!!! Hehe..i havnt talked to her yet.. :o( but i really hope she doznt get XSPELLED!! cuz i dont think i kan live without that gurly at school even tho i dont see her till parent pik up @ tha very end of the day..but still she jus makes my day everyday..she kan mke me laugh no matter WAT!! i kan have tha worst day n steph kan make it all better in like 5 she better not leave me

`Emily is comin over toda. Then Saturday i might go to her game, then head over to Cassandras house. Than, sunday Kevin gets back and hes gonna try to come over..and Emily is spendin the night again too. Then Monday we dont have school so me and kevin are gonna do something else...Fun.

`Well i better go to school i go. :o/ its friday tho!! friday=the shit

i <33 yew kev!! 1


love alwayz *
| -`BriTt |
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10-04-03 11:50am

i love you

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Re:, 10-06-03 9:22pm

thanks :o)

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