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ducky (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2003 at 11:17pm
Current mood: stupid
Subject: dum people
i dont know whats going on with anyone.

kevin is being really stupid. i dont know what his problem is. he doesnt even act like my freaking boyfriend. he acts like hes some little kid with a crush on me. i dont get it. other times it feels like were in a long term relationship. me, kevin, and emily. jesus they talk more then we do, and he has to talk through her to get to me. and i know she still likes him, its just stupid.

emily is acting stupid too.. well i covered some of that ^ there but also jesum shes going after all the wrong guys, not only kev but james too..him and marissa have been going out for a while and i cant believe shes doing this gawd dang..

but oother then that everything is pretty good..sept that jill is like madd/ sadd/ or something at me..what else is new

i love yew ryan u totally brightened up my day

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10-07-03 3:30pm

Awwe srry to hear bout ur best friend n boyfriend deal dat really sucks babe...and ya know wat i find dat part bout me in there pretty dang rude :-p lol but oh well i guess ur finally tellin da truth...latah!

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