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ducky (profile) wrote,
on 10-8-2003 at 11:42pm
i either jus completly ruinened everything.
or completly made everything okay.
i was gonna just break up with kevin.
i was jus gonna freakin do it.
i has everything i was gonna say i even had emily on the phone pumping me up ..and i just froze and shes jus like omg u baby hes dumped u what 3 times and all this stuff that should have made me DO IT and jus like hate him forever ni couldnt, and it got me thinkin does that make me a huge wuss? or just does that mean i really love him?? i have no idea but what i do know if i need to study for history. and spanish. o god. and im so confused god damn..i love him and i hate him and god dang i sound stupid. But then t heres Joe. n there Tyler. and theres the fact that i jus made it so i can't break up with him for a raelly long time without going down in history as the worlds lowest selfish bitch. i couldnt jus done it completly guilt free. But he has to know everything bout me. And we had to have that whole thing saying im not going to..

ahhhh fuck.
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10-09-03 6:30am

Im srry dat all dis is happening, and i hate to turn it around on ya, but im jus going to sit here and not even feel bad bout it or anything, cuz u didnt friggin tell me again! But you told emily not didnt ya!! Ahh oh well im still srry babe...ill be home at regular time t day jus to let ya know...but brittney is coming ova...*sighs* And i didnt even ask her over...MY MOM DID!!! ahh im giong to write bout dat in my journal is a sec but neways im really srry and if u need to talk to someone bout it u know im here but obviously u and dis guy thing is something dat im never giong to know anything about so yah jus go off wit Emily...latah!

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yo, 10-09-03 1:18pm

u left a comment on my journal...but i still dont know who u who r u??

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