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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2003 at 5:06pm
Current mood: calm...somewhat...
Subject: i'm ok honestly
there have obviously been ppl now who read my journal & think the worst bout me...

please don't worry i'm fine!

i'm not gonna have sex...i'm not gonna get married...i'm gonna finish high school...i'm going to college...i quit smoking...i'm not suicidal...

i didn't think that ppl thought this journal was a cry for help...i'm not wanting help...i just like to type this may truely be my last journal entry...i'll be around...but yeah...

don't worry, i'm ok...
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Neome, 10-10-03 8:08pm

I am sorry to hear that this will be your final entry. Well at least you straightened some stuff that needed to be straightened. Well anyways way to tell how you really are and feel, hope everything is better from now on and know i am here to help at anytime possible.

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11-25-03 7:38pm

You are so pathetic.

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