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KATE (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2003 at 7:41pm
Subject: Poem inspired by Stacy
I was walking through the forest
the enchanted one, ya know?
I was frolicking past the trees
Though I had nowhere to go

I was suddenly stopped
by quite a surprising sight
There sat some bunnies
Playing poker to my right

They were drinking from cups
Filled with cool apple juice
I was offered a bit
From the one holding a deuce

After chatting for a few
I wandered on back home
I never saw those bunnies again
But in the forest, I still roam

It was the bears fault
Damn those fire breathing ones
They burn your house down
and eat poker-playing-bunnies by the tons
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hehe, 10-13-03 8:00pm


but where's the fire breathing bear?

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10-13-03 8:00pm

teee heee!

I inspired someone!
*runs around in circles brilliant im brilliant*

I love you kate!

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Re:, 10-13-03 8:01pm


I love you too Stacy!

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Re: Re:, 10-14-03 12:34pm

lol, that's hilarious

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hahahaha, 10-15-03 6:45am

thats an awesome poem kate, i love the fire breathing bears!

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