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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2003 at 12:11am
Sometimes I wish I could live my life as if I didn't believe in God, but still actually believe in Him. I mean for that year I was an atheist I had better morals than many of the Christians I know, and I took nothing for granted. Even in my worst times I saw a certain beauty in everything around me. After I came back to God it all faded again. I guess being with Jackie lets me stare that beauty straight in the face and know that it will never fade. It makes me wish I could see the beauty in everything, like I did before. I don't think it's worth the cost though, or if I could pay the price of disbelieving God even if I wanted to.
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10-14-03 6:38am

Maybe you should try Zen or Buddhism, but still believe in God. I know if I could then I would.

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Re:, 10-14-03 10:11am

I would but I don't have the discipline. Oh well. I still plan on believing, cause I'm definately not going back. Just idle thoughts anyway.

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