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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2003 at 10:26pm
Current mood: melancholy
Subject: Good bye
This will be my final entry in my journal. This journal has run for a glorious 6 months and 6 days but alas everything must come to an end. This journal has helped me through rough times and not so rough times. Its been my emotional crutch for a while but recently people have just been using it against me. They've taken the fun out of writing in my journal. People use things that i've said in my journal against me all the time and so i'm not going to allow that anymore. I dont feel like i can be open in this anymore without being approached about everything i've said the next morning. This isnt the main reason i'm ending this journal though, the real reason is that I just dont want everyone to know how i feel anymore. I dont feel comfortable with everyone knowing whats going on with me. This journal has become like an evil tabloid for me. People will take things i write in the wrong way then exaggerate them and tell other people. Its ridiculous. But I must say that I'm amazed at the trend i've set with the journal world, rock on guys. Just remember me as the journal king. Of course I'll still have my woohu account (I actually have 2 accounts) so i'll still be reading others journals and commenting. I now keep a private journal with my second woohu account that nobody reads, its just so i can vent. Well good bye everyone and keep on journaling!
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10-20-03 11:02pm

Justin, you cant do this to me. You are the journal pioneer. Your journal is like the only thing i can depend on. Every morning I wake up and read Justin's journal. It's become a part of my routine. You can't just mess up my routine like that. Grr, Justin, Grrr.

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10-20-03 11:06pm

Dude I TOTTALLY know how you feel, why do you think I stopped updating? Acctually, I still update I just keep everything on private... journals are good to help you vent and get things off your mind, but like you said, its not cool when EVERYONE and their mothers know your business and all that. Okay, well it was fun reading you, I'll miss it =) Kissies, Diva!

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Now I get to be King, i mean queen. muahaha<3, 10-20-03 11:17pm

Well Justin, I'm sorry that you feel this way. I dont think anyone should hold anything against you, its kinda like someone who writes in their hand written one, but allowing their friends to read it, just because you wrote what you wrote, does not mean its up for discussion. Maybe one day you'll decide to update again, but until then, thanks for the fun. xoxo

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10-20-03 11:22pm

Justin!! If your going to let some obnoxious people say things baout your journal to you than thats their problem. I don't want you to stop your journal for anyone but yourself. If that's really why your doing it than I'll support your deciesion but if you just think that people have taken the fun out of it than I think that's absolutely ridiculous. I'm glad you'll still have one to vent in.. and can still express yourself in. Journals are for you, online journals are just for others to know how your feeling. If you just want it for yourself than go ahead. Goodbye Journal King.. I hope you'll change your mind though.

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10-20-03 11:23pm

I understand completely, Justin. I've limited my journal to just little bits and pieces of my every day life. I didn't feel comfortable having everyone know my business. I have a REAl journal... it's cool. That's where I write how I truly feel. But I am soon to be stopping my woohu account as well. I honestly don't have time to update and I don't feel my journal is needed for me anymore. it was cool when it was our summer journalness (King and Queen haha)... but recent events have taken the fun out of journaling. sigh.... I love my JB1863... And I can't wait for our "date" on Sunday! lol Miss you!

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10-21-03 5:15pm

I retract my last comment, and I realized, if you want this, and you think it is going to be good for you, then by all means, do it. It will probably end up being good for you not to have it creating drama and stress anymore. Its your chice, do what you want. :)

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10-21-03 7:24pm

I definitely agree, and I'm sorry that I haven't already gotten rid of mine. You're right, it's not fun anymore. I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything except pissing people off. It's not their fault either...and I finally see that. Reading your journal has become part of my daily routine...guess I'm just going to have to cope without it. Tear. But hopefully this will start another trend of people slowly diminishing their own journals. I know I haven't been updating as much, so I may just stop altogether. Who knows? Goodbye, Jesus of the Journal World

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10-21-03 10:11pm

Justin Braun, dad, i am extremely proud of the movement you have gone through for the last 6 months. I always read your journal always loved how i was in the shoutouts and all. Justin, you are my best friend, and you are fricken amazing, harmony forever dad. THE GREATEST MOMENT OF THE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL(the greatest moment of them all)

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Re:, 10-28-03 9:42pm

i just came here because, u donated money to that one guy, andy..

fuck everyone else u don't need thier comments unless u want them

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10-30-03 5:35am

make your journal friends only or make an account-friend who you can address posts to instead of everybody? Whatever you do - goodluck in life :)

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We'll miss ya, 11-03-03 1:12am

Heya, nice hearing from, anyway...thanks for actually talking about what you are, and who you are. Most people won't do that. Thanks.

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^__^, 11-03-03 8:27am


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11-08-03 12:24pm

Whoa, clicking random journal takes you to someone that you never thought you'll bump into....kind of a late comment and all, but timing isn't my thing. Peace

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10-05-04 11:58pm

im surprised you kept your woohu, i dont know why, just didnt expect you two pay the 2dollars, :]. Hope all is well in California, <3.

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