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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2003 at 8:59pm
"Yeah. I wanna have the right. I wanna feel the night around the stars."
-"Tattoo" Big Mother Thruster

I find myself in a very melancholy mood today. I miss Jackie a lot and I have all of this energy with nothing to do. My friend Brandon's coming over in a bit to watch anime, but he's more one of those people that makes you feel more depressed instead of being able to cheer you up. Oh well. I'll watch anime and then I work tomorrow, so I can see Jackie on Monday. I miss you babe...
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10-25-03 10:44pm


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Re:, 10-26-03 1:26pm

I love you and I miss you too. Wish you were here, it's so cool.

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