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Courtney13 (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2003 at 7:44pm
Current mood: heart feels funny...
Music: why dont you and I
I broke up with Jon this evening... I felt bad afterwords..I told him the feelings i had for him when we first started goin out fadded.. and i didnt wanna be with him while i didnt have those feelings anymore..I still wanna hang out with him but i think hes mad..But I am singel now and i feels good but i still feel like im gonna be sick or something...replay and tell me what you think..Please..why do i feel this way?
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10-30-03 7:51pm

You just feel guilty for hurting him. Don't worry about it. It'll pass. These things are unavoidable.

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10-31-03 3:26pm

That whole feelings fading thing is known to me all too well. It'll get better soon. I love you! *hugs*

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